Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables, Chairs and Furniture Sets

Style Your Dining Room With Farmhouse Charm Using Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood dining furniture is a style to be treasured from its history to the aged beauty and the incredible ingenuity of its Amish craftsmanship.

The Barnwood Story - From the Forest to Your Rustic Table & Dining Set

It all started a century or two ago. Trees were cut down manually – with axes. Then from these timbers, the hefty beams and boards were cut. 

It was a similar process for all the buildings on the homestead: houses, barns, and sheds or outbuildings. Everything was hand cut and structured using the tried and true mortise and tenon system. Many of the buildings stood for a century or more.

Today, with less farming and as these buildings continue to age, some are restored close to their original state and others are felled or disassembled piece by piece, so that as much as possible, the precious natural resource – the wood, can be reclaimed and transformed into a rustic dining table set.

After the structure is disassembled, the lumber is hauled to the lumber handling yard where it undergoes a cleaning and drying process. All the lumber is run under a metal detector twice where the nails are marked and removed, then stacked for drying. It is then kiln-dried to 7% moisture and also to exterminate all the insects as the lumber moves closer to being useable for handcrafted reclaimed barnwood furniture.

The barnwood process is an excellent green way to preserve the old and vintage and give the precious natural resource – wood – a second life as your reclaimed wood dining table.

Made of eco-friendly reclaimed wood, this Fryeburg Reclaimed Dining Set delivers a high-quality homespun simplicity. Customize a collection with Countryside.

Key Features

  • Reclaimed hardwood construction
  • Multiple table sizes available
  • Two or four center table leaves
  • Side or arm chair
  • Optional chair seat upholstery
  • Adjustable shelves in buffet
  • Catalyzed conversion varnish
  • Amish handmade in the USA

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The Benefits of Reclaimed Wood for Your Rustic Dining Table & Chairs

Environmentally friendly:

Increasingly, homemakers are now becoming more environmentally conscious when buying products. When you use reclaimed lumber for your rustic dining table set, you decrease the demand for newly sourced lumber, which helps curb deforestation. If harvested responsibly, reclaimed wood is a renewable resource that reduces landfill waste as well as the use of environmental hazards to manufacture new products.

Unique, good looks:

Because it’s aged and weathered, reclaimed wood has a desirably authentic rusticness that’s hard to find in new materials. In turn, reclaimed wood accommodates surprisingly diverse dining room and home decor styles, from Modern Farmhouse to Rustic Elegance. Reclaimed wood dining table sets will bring character to every home. You will often find that it comes with an embedded history and doesn't conform to a so-called 'perfect design', making it feel truly one-of-a-kind.

Enhanced strength:

Reclaimed wood dining room tables, chairs, and furniture are great investments in your home.  Repurposed wood used in reclaimed wood furniture comes from a variety of sources, such as old barns, houses, and factories, most of which were built at least 50 if not 100 or more years ago. Therefore, reclaimed wood is up to 40 points harder on the Janka hardness scale than virgin wood because it often comes from old-growth trees instead of first-generation forests. This means it had several hundred years to grow before it was harvested, which has given it ample time to settle and become more durable.

Infused with history and personality:

Reclaimed wood dining tables stand out from the rest because it has character. Unlike brand new furniture that is made to look the exact same, no piece of reclaimed wood furniture ever looks exactly the same because the wood itself has a lot of personality and character. Reclaimed wood furniture sets have natural aged coloring, indentations, and various other imperfections of wear and tear that will create a unique and great visual individuality that will leave a lasting impression on your home's rustic interior design.

Examples of Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Tables & Furniture to Inspire

Whether you want to use reclaimed wood furniture in your living space with items such as rustic coffee tables and solid wood bookcases, or in your kitchen with items like our chunky wooden dining tables, you'll find something that's both unique and beautiful. We also have some beautiful reclaimed wood bedside tables and beds to help make your bedroom a beautiful rustic retreat.

Here are some of our favorite reclaimed dining tables, furniture pieces, and sets: 

Pedestal Tables:

Trestle Tables:

Servers & Buffets:


An aesthetic work of reclaimed wood craftsmanship, this Eddington Reclaimed Dining Set includes a trestle dining table, backless bench, and farmhouse-inspired sideboard.

Key Features

  • Reclaimed hardwood construction
  • Timber beam & metal bases
  • Multiple table sizes available
  • Side or arm dining chair
  • Optional chair seat upholstery
  • Full extension dovetailed drawers
  • Catalyzed conversion varnish
  • Amish handmade in the USA

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Tips for Decorating With Rustic Reclaimed Wood Dining Room Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture can be combined and paired with various other design elements. This makes it the perfect companion to any interior design trend, or a fantastic way to add a focal point to any room. Pieces of wooden furniture of fine quality never fail to add to the overall appeal of a room. The best part is they never go out of style – and they also make great conversation pieces. As your design tendencies change over the years, your signature dining table and furniture set will always be the spotlight of the room. Quality, handmade furniture has stood the test of time. Plus, reclaimed wood will always match any style or décor.

When decorating a dining room, or an entire home, choose an overarching decor theme that will let the wood grain be the star, whether that be contemporary minimalism or rustic farmhouse. One way of tailoring your home décor is to incorporate the old along with the new. Mix different designs into your home that highlight your personal tastes but also pay homage to the past. Embrace the naturalness of the wood by surrounding it with plants (live or dried), as well as other earthy elements and textures.

Make a statement with a dining table, and make your guests feel relaxed and welcome with comfortable seating.  A rustic sideboard allows you to display interesting objects to add a touch of character and of course, provides an extra serving surface. Plus the drawers mean that you store cutlery and table linen, which will free up space in the kitchen.

Reclaimed Wood Dining Furniture

How to Clean and Protect Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

Whether it has been refinished or is raw, it's always best to keep it simple when cleaning reclaimed wood. If all you need to do is remove some surface dust, use a soft microfiber towel and warm water. Brushes are nice because they can get deeper into the nooks and crannies common on the surface of aged wood. 

While cleaning is a necessary part of caring for any piece of furniture, reclaimed wood should also be properly protected. Here are some recommendations:

Avoid Exposure To Direct Sunlight: Similar to most wood furniture, direct sunlight can discolor or warp the wood.  Wood finish can fade and wear when exposed to the powerful UV radiation of the sun.

Keep Moisture Away: Like sunlight, excessive moisture can be damaging to any wood surface; reclaimed wood is no exception. For dining tables and other frequently used furniture, it’s important to use coasters for drinks, and when spills occur, immediately wipe them up.

Maintain Stable Temperatures: Fluctuations in temperature, especially rapid changes, can cause serious damage to any type of wood. Temperature fluctuations are rarely a problem indoors. Nonetheless, you should avoid placing any reclaimed wood dining tables and wood furniture too close to heaters or central air vents. 

Reclaimed Furniture at Countryside Amish Furniture Online

At Countryside Amish Furniture, we take pride in our craftsmanship and appreciate the unique rusticness of authentic reclaimed wood. Shop our collection of reclaimed, made-to-order furniture to find the perfect addition to your home or office. All of our dining room tables, rustic and otherwise, are built by authentic Amish woodworkers using tested and true techniques such as mortise and tenon joints, dovetailed corners, and tongue and groove connections. The results are reclaimed wood dining sets and furniture sets crafted to withstand decades of daily use. 

Create a classic and inviting environment in your entertainment ensemble with this Kensett Reclaimed Dining Set from Countryside Amish Furniture.

Key Features

  • Reclaimed hardwood construction
  • Epoxy-filled knot & nail holes
  • 1 1/2" thick table with faux live edge
  • Adjustable wooden buffet shelves
  • Dovetailed soft close drawers
  • Fabric or leather upholstery
  • Catalyzed conversion varnish
  • Amish handmade in the USA

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Author, Baileigh Basham

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