Amish Corner Hutches & Cabinetry

Amish Corner Hutches & Corner China Cabinets Made From Solid Wood

Corner hutches and china cabinets for the corner are available in a number of dining room styles, American wood types, and stains or painted finishes. These space saving corner cabinets are beautifully handcrafted with the unrivaled knowledge of our authentic Amish artisans.

We Tailor Furniture for Special Requests

Olney Corner Hutch

Display your china in the solid wood, Shaker-style Olney Corner Hutch, handcrafted by Amish artisans to include adjustable shelves and touch lighting.

Dartmoor Corner Cabinet

Infuse Queen Anne charm into the dining room with this corner china cabinet complete with beveled glass, wood paneling, mirrored backs, and decorative handles.

Beverley Corner Hutch

Using only 25” of wall space, the Beverley Corner Hutch has the height to provide ample china storage while bringing Queen Anne elegance to the dining space.

Creve Coeur Corner Hutch

Make this refined corner hutch truly your own by choosing between aged glass or wood panel cabinet doors, back decoration options, and your choice of finish.

Livonia Corner Hutch

The Amish-made, solid wood Livonia Corner Hutch will platform your china in adjustable cabinet glass shelves with LED lighting and Mission decor.

Flanders Corner Hutch

The Flanders Corner Hutch shows first-rate Amish woodworking, complete with enclosed storage below and bevel glass cabinet doors above. Shown in white oak.

Cannon Court Corner Cabinet

The Amish Cannon Court Corner Cabinet seats your china behind decorative leaded glass doors. Store goods in the full extension drawers and wood cabinets below.

Huntington Corner Hutch

Whether your dining room is traditional or modern, this Shaker style corner china hutch has the details to satisfy including wood paneling and touch lighting.

Taunton Corner Hutch

Elevate your china display with the Amish crafted Taunton Corner Hutch displaying French Country finesse from the arched glass paneling to the decorative feet.

Craig’s Peak Corner China Hutch

Photographed in oak, you can customize this Amish-made corner china hutch four different ways: solid wood, stain, size, and back options.

Torrey Amish Corner Hutch

Complementary to your French Country or Shaker decor, the solid wood Torrey Amish Corner Hutch offers diverse storage options.

Cutler Bay Corner Hutch

Though simple with a Shaker theme, this corner china cabinet shows off the beauty of real wood with practical features, including an optional silverware tray.

Crampton Gap Corner Hutch

This corner china cabinet has it all: Amish woodworking, Mission elegance, arched beveled glass panels, and diverse storage options including full drawers.

Ithaca Corner China Cabinet

Have your china look its best when displayed in this Shaker, solid corner cabinet made by Amish woodworkers with European hinges and LED lighting.

Ketchikan Corner China Hutch

Small but full of class, the Ketchikan Corner China Hutch features two glass doors with mullions, an open center deck, and inset panel base cabinets.

Parron Mission Corner Hutch

Not common in a corner cabinet, the Parron Mission Corner Hutch features a center pullout drawer for extra storage. An open deck offers display space.

Coupland Corner Hutch

The traditionally fashioned Coupland Corner Hutch comes with your preferred wood and hardware, as well as LED cabinet lights to spotlight your china.

Anona Corner Hutch

This corner china cabinet exhibits traditional Amish woodworking practices and quality materials including leaded glass doors illuminated with LED lighting.

Big Valley Corner Hutch

Textured glass, touch lighting, inset doors with concealed hinges, and your favorite hardwood come together to create this solid, Shaker style corner hutch.

Virginian Corner Hutch

With both glass windows and solid wood cabinets, this traditional corner hutch enables you to proudly show fine china while providing concealed storage options.

A corner hutch is designed to fit snugly in the corner of your dining room, so it will not require a lot of floor space. Corner china cabinets help make a house a home by displaying beloved objects and storing items for safe-keeping. At Countryside Amish Furniture, our corner hutch cabinet designs make them even easier to integrate into your decor. Browse our online selection of solid wood corner curios to discover features such as touch lighting, glass or paneled backs, adjustable shelving, and door mullions.