Amish Pressed Back Chairs

Oak Pressed Back Dining Room Chairs

Personalized pressed back chairs are available with a number of stamp styles for your dining room or kitchen in solid American hardwood. Traditional American furniture has long been a staple of Amish furniture offerings for your home or business.

We Tailor Furniture for Special Requests

Hoover Hill Dining Chairs

Handcrafted and detailed with an intricate press back design, the Hoover Hill Dining Chairs with high back are a worthy home or business investment.

Griffin Press Back Dining Chairs

For a unique spin on Windsor style, turn to the intricate woodworking of the Griffin Press Back Dining Chairs, made with or without an upholstered and arms.

Elegant and timeless, pressed back dining chairs feature handcrafted details like turned legs and pressed patterns in the crest. These oak pressed back chairs are available in side and arm styles, and the expert handiwork with which they are made make them current in any home. Intricate press back patterns, ranging from acorns to leaves, leave perfect impression of the etching that are literally pressed into the wood, giving the effect of a three dimensional carving.