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Today's vision can become tomorrow's reality and an investment that lasts lifetimes. Our hand-crafted, solid wood, Amish furniture is made-to-order, placing full design control at your fingertips. Order online today to breathe new life into your home.

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Journeying from Amish furniture workshops to your home, these dining sets deliver the timlessness of solid wood handcrafted for that special personal touch.

From Renewable Forests to Amish Hands, Our Furniture Tells Your Story

A home is more than its four walls. It's a thoughtfully curated space where each piece holds meaning and contributes to future memories. Invest in Amish furniture custom-made specifically for your home. View the videos below to learn what to expect when ordering from Countryside Amish Furniture.

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From Rustic to Contemporary, Farmhouse to Mid-Century, we offer thousands of Amish-built furniture designs available to order online. Each piece is handbuilt using sustainably harvested timber.

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Choose from elegant hardwoods and finishes, as well as from beautiful hardware and practical enhancements. Have custom requests? Our Amish furniture makers may be able to modify designs to fit your needs.

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Our Sales team will remain high-touch, answering all questions and giving you updates as our Amish woodworkers build your furniture. When done, we ship the handmade furniture to your home and assemble it on-site.

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Welcome to Countryside Amish Furniture

Mel Stutzman, OwnerCountryside Amish Furniture is a family-owned and operated business that brings over four decades of furniture knowledge to create one-of-a-kind heirlooms. Our Amish artisans located in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio who share our vision of creating beautiful pieces, select only the best American hardwoods.

We believe that shopping for furniture should be modern and accessible - order it online, personalize every detail, and have it delivered to your home or business. Our handcrafted, solid wood furniture is built to meet the demands and unique tastes of our customers, providing a high-quality product that will be enjoyed for generations.

For you and your home, we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Melvin Stutzman

Mel Stutzman,

Countryside Amish Furniture FAQs

Learn about how to order custom pieces online and what makes our Amish furniture unique.

Raised Amish, our owner Mel Stutzman is deeply rooted in his local Amish community and culture. You can rest assured that all the furniture we sell will be made by Amish hands, using time-tested woodworking techniques to meet the highest standards.

The most obvious answer is that Amish furniture should be made by skilled Amish artisans, but the differences extend well beyond that. Amish furniture is prized because of its elite woodworking techniques, usage of premium materials, and attention to detail that comes from hand-crafted pieces


Telltale signs of Amish furniture are its uncompromising joinery (like dovetail joints and mortise and tenon joints), and reliance upon solid North American hardwoods like oak, cherry, maple, and walnut. Completed Amish furnishings are sanded, stained, and then sealed with a catalyzed conversion varnish which acts as a barrier against everyday wear and tear. While the Amish themselves are most associated with traditional furniture styles, their craftspeople are able to make a broad range of designs, including those with more contemporary elements. 

Regardless of whether you choose a cherry wood dining table or a Queen Anne bedroom set, you can expect nothing short of beautiful artistry that will last a lifetime.

The overwhelming majority of our pieces are available in multiple types of North American hardwoods. Exceptions include furniture made exclusively from reclaimed wood, as well as Amish-crafted outdoor furniture that use high-quality poly lumber chosen for its superior resilience to weather. However, the customization options for Amish furniture don’t end there. While specifics will vary from piece to the next, general offerings include:


Dining Chairs, Sofas, and Other Seats - choose whether to upholster the seat, the type of upholstery (fabric or leather), and the specific color and pattern. You may also be able to determine if the chair should have arms, as well as the length of items like benches. 


Dining Tables - The majority of our Amish-made tables come in multiple sizes and with the option of leaves. You may be able to decide the specific shape and edge profile


Hutches - We offer hundreds of variations on this classic Amish furniture piece. You may be able to further customize your selection by choosing the hardware, style of back, and whether you want add-ons like silverware trays. 


Desks - Countryside Amish Furniture lets you customize this office fixture in 10+ different ways with the specifics varying from desk to desk. Options can include the leather used in padding, the design of the hardware, the direction of the return layout, and whether to add on locks, hutches, wire grommets, and knee drawers. You may even have multiple sizes from which to choose!

These are only some of the ways we can customize our Amish furniture. If you do not see the option you desire, reach out to discuss how we can further accommodate your needs. Have questions or special requests? Reach out via the chat or visit our Design Center!

Our Amish furniture makers solely use wood from North American forests, harvested using techniques that don’t damage the surrounding growth and promote regeneration. The lumber is carefully assessed for knots or blemishes that could undermine its strength. 

Upon receiving your order, our Amish workshops will begin building your furniture piece. Because they’re not made in advance nor assembled by machines, the creation will take multiple weeks, starting with the initial timber selection through the final layer of stain. Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed about the status of your furniture.

Once your Amish furniture is ready, we contact you to determine your preferred day of arrival. Our delivery team will not only bring the pieces directly to your home or business but will set it up precisely how you want. You won’t need to lift a thing! Best of all, Countryside Amish Furniture offers shipping for a flat rate of $150 per order, saving you hundreds of dollars on your order. 

The simple answer is no. However, we provide thousands of different Amish furniture options that are made-to-order to reflect your chosen wood species, color, and features. Moreover, you can work closely with our team to make small but impactful modifications to help the furniture better fit your space and taste.

In short, our ample Amish furniture designs and willingness to accommodate special requests means that we may still be able to bring your vision to life using one of our existing templates. Use the chat to talk with our team or click here to learn more about your Amish Furniture customization options.

We welcome professional interior designers and experts of similar trades to join our program to receive 15% off all Amish furniture. To learn more, click here.

After assessing dozens of options, we hand-selected two different suppliers: Greenhouse Fabrics for indoor fabrics and leather, and Sunbrella for outdoor textiles. We were greatly impressed by the superior quality of the materials. They are durable enough to withstand regular wear, yet undeniably comfortable. Moreover, the colors, both bold and subtle, will retain their eye-catching good looks for years to come, making them a suitable addition to our Amish furnituremakers’ talents.

Experience Furniture Built by Expert Amish Craftsmen

When you purchase Countryside’s Amish-made furniture, you actually purchase a work of art. Every piece of our furniture is handcrafted, meaning that our expert-level woodworkers invest patience and precision into every element.

The furniture’s journey from our Amish workshop to your home begins when you determine the ideal hardwood, size, edge profile, hardware, finish, and add-on features. Next, our craftsmen carefully select raw lumber harvested from North American forests, optimal for furniture making.

We utilize knowledge passed down through generations of our Amish woodworkers at every stage of the furniture build, from the shaping to the mortise and tenon joinery. We then finesse each piece by hand with meticulous sanding, staining, and application of catalyzed conversion varnish. Our Amish-built furniture is then inspected to ensure it reflects the highest caliber of woodworking.

The byproduct of our hard work is heirloom-quality, solid wood furniture that will bring both elegance and functionality to your home, day-after-day, decade-after-decade.

Explore thousands of diverse Amish-made furniture pieces spanning from French Country dining room furniture to Farmhouse office furniture to Mission style bed frames.

We Tailor Our Furniture Design to Your Needs

One of the appeals of ordering made-to-order pieces is that our Amish furniture makers can accommodate many of the special requests we receive. Want to add locks or wire grommets to a desk that caught your eye, perhaps also changing the direction of the return? No problem! Need a bed frame that fits your Tempur-Pedic mattress? We have the perfect tailor-made solution. Desire a coffee table with a different length and wood species than we list? We'll make it happen. While we can't guarantee that we can fulfill every request, our team will work diligently to craft the Amish Furniture precisely as you envision it.

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