Cherry Wood Furniture

An exotic hardwood with naturally beautiful characteristics

Cherry wood is best known for its distinctive color and aging properties. Solid Cherry wood varies from light pink to reddish brown and rich red. Keep in mind, the wood will naturally darken within 2-7 months of purchase depending on the amount of natural and artificial light it’s exposed to. With its inherent richness and glow, Cherry wood furniture will add elegant ambiance to any room in your house.

Things to Consider When Purchasing
Real Cherry Wood Furniture


Real wood furniture is expensive, so it’s important to understand your investment. Below are some things to consider when purchasing Cherry wood furniture.

  • Heartwood and Sapwood - Heartwood, from the innermost part of the tree, often features a wood’s distinct color. Sapwood, the outermost part of the tree closer to the bark, is typically lighter and creamy white in appearance. Our craftsmen work diligently to match and join boards from heartwood, although we can’t guarantee all sapwood will be excluded.
  • Staining and finishing - Cherry is unsurpassed in its finishing qualities, as its uniform texture takes a finish very well. Many customers enjoy the look of natural, lighter Cherry wood. However, we offer several Cherry wood stains if a deep, richer furniture color is desired. See a full list of cherry stains we have available at Countryside Amish Furniture.
  • Durability - Cherry is a moderately durable hardwood. While it’s not the hardest of hardwoods, it’s a respected and popular choice for all types of wood furniture.
  • Matching your existing Cherry furniture - If you currently own real Cherry furniture and are interested in adding to the collection, matching the stain color can prove to be tricky. At Countryside, we recommend going 2-3 shades (stains) lighter to allow for the darkening of the Cherry wood as it ages. To ensure the correct match, select up to 4 pre-finished samples before, or at the time of your purchase.