Amish Extendable Dining Tables With Leaves

Extending Dining Tables Made from Solid Wood

Shop solid wood extendable dining tables at Countryside Amish Furniture. Customize the perfect extension dining room table with removable leaves or butterfly leaves.

Extending Dining Tables Made from Solid Wood

Are you often unsure of how many people to expect for dinner? One of our many extending dining tables could be the solution to your mealtime dilemma. Whether you are looking for a massive extending table that seats 18, or a modern stylish dining table that can make room for a few more guests, we have you covered.

Countryside Amish Furniture’s extending dining tables feature multiple leaf styles, solid wood construction, timeless designs, and custom size and shape options (incuding circular tables that accept leaves). Find extension dining tables and enjoy casual or formal dining in style. 

Extendable kitchen tables provide you with the ability to be flexible by allowing you to easily lengthen the size of your table. Keep extra dining chairs along the walls until needed, and add dining benches to the room to seat even more guests comfortably. Once mealtime is over, your table can be put back to its smaller size to reclaim your space and keep your dining area looking tidy.

Our modern and traditional extendable dining tables are easy to enlarge and the extension takes seconds, making it very convenient for you to convert a 6 seater dining table to an 8 or 12 seater. Solid wood tables with the ability to extend come in a variety of designs. 

At Countryside Amish Furniture, we want to share our selection of expandable tables—and all of their advantages—with you, helping you add functionality to your gathering space. Here are our favorites:

Removable Center Leaf Tables:

Standard removable leaves are oftentimes the best option for creating the most space around a dining or kitchen leg table. Countryside’s center leaves are typically 12” in width and must be purchased at the time of the table to ensure a proper fit. If the center extension leaf does not store within the table while not in use, a decorative apron will be attached to the leaf to provide a streamlined look. To install the leaf, you must lift the whole leaf and pull it on both sides of the table to create a gap in the center for the leaf.



Example of a Dining Table With Removable Center Leaves: Haltom City Double Pedestal Table

This solid wood extendable dining table has won our hearts with its sleek, sophisticated base featuring ornately turned legs affixed atop curved feet. The handcrafted artistry of each element shines through, resulting in a traditional piece that’s sure to turn heads. While this dining table and its leaves are shown in solid cherry wood enhanced with our Oatmeal stain, you can choose from other hardwood species like oak, brown maple, and elm, as well as seemingly countless color options. 

Available in five different sizes ranging from 42" x 60" to 48" x 72", this extendable dining table allows up to 4 leaves, each adding an additional 11”. 


Self-Storing Table Leaves:

Extending dining room tables with self-storing leaves are ideal for maximizing storage space in your dining room or kitchen. Depending on which style of solid wood table you select, it may be able to store up to four 12” leaves within the table. Guidelines on apron storage will be provided on each product page. In addition to a standard leg, trestle, and pedestal tables, self-storing leaves are often found in butterfly tables and refectory tables.





Example of a Solid Wood Dining Table With Self-Storing Leaves: Laurna Single Pedestal Table

As humans, we’re naturally drawn to symmetry, a reason we’re perhaps so fond of this square-shaped dining table. However, for those special occasions in which added guests come to say hello, a square table may not provide the necessary seating. Enter self-storing leaves! Made in sizes 42” x 42” through 60” x 60”, this solid wood table self-stores two leaves, letting you easily extend and contract it as needed. 

We’re big fans of the curved legs that merge to form a single pedestal for a contemporary feel. As is true of all extendable dining tables we offer, buyers get to choose the wood species and stain, but this particular design gives even more personalization possibilities, including the size, edge profile, shape of the top, and whether you want to include or exclude self-storing table leaves. 


Butterfly Leaf Tables:

butterfly leaf dining table typically has a leaf (for leg tables), or two leaves (for trestle and pedestal tables) in the center. A butterfly leaf is named because when it is being "opened' into place, it appears to have wings like a butterfly. Our solid wood butterfly leaf is normally around 18 inches wide, and hinges in the middle. You can simply pull the ends of the tabletop out, revealing a gap in the center where the leaf is stored. A butterfly folding table is a good choice if you do not have additional space to store your extensions.




Example of a Butterfly Leaf Dining Table: Belk Butterfly Leaf Table

Whether you order this extendable dining table in 42" x 60" or the larger 48" x 72", you’re guaranteed to make a big design statement thanks to its highly unique legs. The embellishments aren’t limited to the base though, as this piece presents an intriguing inverted edge. 

We adore how the extendable table presents in solid Rustic Cherry with a Spring Twig finish, providing a rustic aesthetic that complements the smooth curves in the legs. However, with 10 hardwoods and hundreds of stains at your fingertips, you can personalize the piece to make it truly your own. No matter your choice of size or solid wood, this dining table extends with the help of the 18” butterfly leaf. 


Refectory Leaf Tables:

A popular and classic approach to the extendable dining table is the refectory. In most of our Amish-built refectory tables, you will typically pull the wooden slides out from the sides of the table, and pull the leaves out from underneath. Refectory tables are the easiest for one person to extend since you aren't required to pull both ends of the table out. Extendable refectory tables are typically long and narrow and leaves range in size.





Example of a Solid Wood Refectory Table: Beacon Falls Trestle Table

Who knew upscale and rustic were two descriptors that could be used to describe the same piece? Yet this is exactly what this extendable dining table achieves thanks to its use of solid rough-sawn maple wood and exposed joinery, as well as gracefully shaped pedestal ends. No matter whether you choose kitchen-friendly dimensions of 36" x 60" or the grand 48" x 108", all 20 size options include two refectory-style table leaves to add 18” each. 


Drop Leaf Tables:

An Amish-built, solid wood drop leaf table set has hinged leaves on either end that extend upwards. When unfolded, a drop leaf dining room table will typically have a square or rectangular top shape. The legged or pedestal kitchen table leaves can be extended to make the table a circle or rectangle, depending on which style you prefer. Drop leaf dining tables are popular investments for small spaces; you also have the option to drop only one leaf down.




Example of a Drop Leaf Table: Taunton Drop Leaf Table

Available in three different sets of dimensions, this type of solid wood table shows that smaller tables can be just as chic and elegant as their larger counterparts. Keep the 12" sides folded downward when the table is only meant for two, or expand it as needed to host more.


Why Quality Construction is More Important Than Ever With Extendable Dining Tables

Quality craftsmanship and durable materials are essential to all dining room tables, making them well worth the cost. However, considering the added mechanisms of extendable dining tables, expert construction is necessary to prevent breakage over long-term use. Our extendable tables prioritize ease of use without sacrificing design, and our expert Amish craftsmen use industry-leading mechanisms, hardware, and joinery methods.

For similar reasons, we recommend choosing extendable tables made from solid hardwood. Countryside Amish Furniture offers a full range, including Oak, Maple, Hickory, Elm, and Cherry. Not to mention, our industry-leading finishing process enables us to create finishes that are unmatched in beauty and durability.

FAQ About Tables With Extension Leaves


Are table leaves relatively easy to use? Do I need to be strong?

Our Amish craftspeople design the table leaves for ease of use and smooth maneuvering, no matter the extension style. While most people will be able to lift and confidently place the leaves, the solid wood nature of the leaves may cause some people to consider them heavy. If you’re worried, we suggest buying a table with butterfly leaves, refectory slide extensions, or drop-leafs, as none of these styles require you to fully support the weight of the extenders at any point. 


Are table leaves able to support a lot of weight when in use? 


While we cannot speak on the quality of all dining table leaves, those incorporated into Countryside Amish Furniture are sturdy enough to withstand the enthusiastic slamming of cups, shuffling elbows, and the usual rigors that come with larger group gatherings. However, do we recommend letting your children jump on top of the dining table’s table leaves? Not quite.


Are there special care instructions for solid wood table leaves?

We provide the same care advice for extending leaves as we provide for our solid wood tables:

  • Regularly dust with a microfiber towel, ideally one with at least 300 GSM to prevent damaging the surface. 

  • Use an all-purpose furniture cleaner as needed. Look for solutions that have zero ammonia, chlorine and phosphate

  • Polish at least once a year (double this if the leaves receive regular use). Opt for a a silicone-free furniture polish



Many of the Extension Leaves Included With the Tables are 18”. How many more Guests Will That Add?

Each leaf of 18” will add approximately two more diners. For more insights, check out The Complete Guide to Dining Table Seating Capacity.


Can Countryside Amish Furniture Sell Me Extension Leaves for a Table I Already Own?

Leaves don’t offer universal applications. Therefore, to ensure that we deliver only the best customer experience, we only sell leaves along with the table they're intended to extend.

Author, Baileigh Basham

Bailiegh Basham is Lead Sales & Marketing Strategist at Countryside Amish Furniture. She's been a team member since 2014. Bailiegh is deeply passionate about furniture design and home decor.