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Dining tables with a drop leaf are a lovely solution where space is a premium. Amish drop leaf tables were the first transitional table for dining rooms and kitchens. Timeless and charming, add a traditional, Oak drop leaf dining table to your home.

  • What is a drop leaf dining table?

    Derived from the classic gateleg table design, drop leaf tables have one fixed table top section and typically one or two hinged surfaces. When lifted into place, these hinged sections extend the table top; a drop leaf dining room table will typically have a square or rectangular top shape. If the leaves are supported by brackets, it is simply a drop-leaf table. If the leaves are supported by a set of legs that swing out, it would be called a gate leg table.

  • How do I know if a drop leaf dining table is the right option for my space?

    Using a drop leaf table as your kitchen or breakfast table, entry console, sofa table, or even desk gives you maximum flexibility. Keep your table’s leaves dropped to save space, and fold them out only when needed. You can also fold out just one leaf while keeping the other leaf dropped flush against a wall. Drop leaf tables also expand easily because the leaves are permanently attached. The ability to use a piece of furniture in a variety of rooms and with a variety of uses makes the solid wood investment well worth it.

  • What shapes are drop leaf tables available in?

    Despite their traditional appeal, drop leaf tables are designed to suit virtually any taste and space. If you don’t frequently entertain, make the most of your dining room constraints with a compact square drop-leaf. For tight corners, narrow spaces, and awkward angles, a slim rectangle drop-leaf table that can be pushed flush against the wall will provide the best space saving solution. Finally, round drop leaf tables evoke a cozy, classic vibe so guests can simply pull up a chair around the open edges. These space-saving tables are available with a number of base types including standard legs, a pedestal, or trestle.

Amish drop-leaf dining and kitchen tables have a fixed hardwood section in the center, with multiple hinged leaves than can be folded down when not in use. Keep the drop leaves down and conserve valuable space, or raise them up and accommodate additional people at the dinner table. Our drop leaf tables can be Amish-built in a number of hardwoods ranging from solid Oak to Walnut. Countryside Amish Furniture offers a number of wood drop leaf pedestal and leg styles that can be transformed to enhance your space.