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Our wide selection of High and Low Mirror Dressers are expertly built from solid wood by our Amish artisans. Enjoy dovetailed drawers and beveled mirrors.

Nikko Jewelry Dresser

Perk up your bedroom decor with the Nikko Jewelry Dresser. Featuring 8 solid wood dovetailed drawers of varying sizes, this dresser will keep you in line.

Nikko Mid-Century Dresser

Let the quality of the Nikko Mid-Century Dresser be the centerpiece of your bedroom. The gorgeous solid wood frame lends a hand to the simplistic mid-century style.

Biener 7-Drawer Dresser

Designed to give your bedroom an understated boost, the Biener 7-Drawer Dresser is traditionally styled with dovetailed drawers stacked to classic perfection.

Biener Dresser with Mirror

Designed in a beautiful traditional style, the Biener Dresser with Mirror features nine solid wood dovetailed drawers to help keep your bedroom in tip top shape.

Biener Mirror Dresser

Treat yourself with the purchase of the solid wood Biener Mirror Dresser where traditional style and the functionality of six dovetailed drawers meet.

Chain Lakes Mirror Dresser

Choose a piece that reflects your individual style with the Chain Lakes Mirror Dresser. Featuring a solid wood frame with six dovetailed drawers you'll be on trend.

Barclays Dresser with Mirror

Built by Amish craftsman from American hardwood, the Barclays Dresser with Mirror features six solid wood dovetailed drawers and includes a deluxe beveled mirror.

Roseburg Dresser with Mirror

Lavish your self when you buy the Roseburg Dresser with Mirror. Featuring seven dovetailed drawers and a deluxe beveled mirror, this purchase will be a treat for all.

Stars Hollow Bedroom Dresser

You'll stay organized with purchase of the Stars Hollow Bedroom Dresser.With eight dovetailed drawers and two doors concealing storage space, there's a spot for all.

Meredith Mirror Dresser

Take your bedroom up a notch with the Meredith Mirror Dresser. Hosting six dovetailed full extension drawers and a deluxe mirror, this solid wood piece is the winner.

Aragon Dresser with Mirror

Boost your storage options with the Aragon Dresser with Mirror. Featuring nine solid wood dovetailed drawers, space will never be a problem for you and your family.

Aragon Mirror Dresser

Intricately designed to exude creativity into your home, the Aragon Mirror Dresser is handcrafted with decorative inset paneling adorning the top of the mirror.

Belfast Dresser with Mirror

Mix up how you keep your clothes with the Belfast Dresser with Mirror. With six solid wood standard drawers and three lingerie drawers there's a place for everything

Belfast Mirror Dresser

Understatedly beautiful, the handcrafted Belfast Mirror Dresser boasts six solid wood dovetailed drawers that toe line between contemporary and classic.

Wesley Mirrored Dresser

A hardworking piece that is built to last for years to come, the Wesley Mirrored Dresser is equipped with industrial hardware and a barn door mirror.

Wesley Grand Dresser

If effortless elegance with a touch of rustic flair is the impression you are going for, the Wesley Grand Dresser is custom made to fit your space.

Etowah 7 Drawer Dresser

You'll have a surplus of storage with the Etowah 7 Drawer Dresser. Featuring seven dovetail drawers in varying sizes, you'll be swimming in space for your stuff.

Etowah Bedroom Dresser

You'll only need one piece to hold your wardrobe with the Etowah Bedroom Dresser. Featuring nine solid wood dovetail drawers, you'll have room to spare.

Etowah Mirror Dresser

Don't be afraid to stop and stare when you buy the Etowah Mirror Dresser.Built with six dovetailed drawers and a beveled mirror, this piece is quite a looker.

Yukon Mirror Dresser

With the beveled mirror included, the Yukon Mirror Dresser is the stylish storage piece of your dreams. With six full extension drawers you'll have room for it all.