Why Countryside Amish Furniture

We meld the principles of Amish furniture craftsmanship with contemporary design to deliver exquisitely crafted pieces to homes throughout the contiguous 48 states. We consistently exceed our customers' expectations, attending to every detail, whether substantial or subtle, to guarantee their utmost satisfaction.


{attr:alt}How and Why We Go the Extra Mile

Building furniture doesn't start in the workshop—it begins when we carefully select the timber and our ongoing commitment to simply choose the best, whether that be about our full grain leather or our protective varnish.

Upholding the spirit of Amish craftsmanship, we don’t believe in cutting corners. This commitment extends to the materials themselves, from our choice of anti-fade outdoor fabrics to our best-in-class catalyzed Conversion varnish that protects your furniture from life’s many hazards great and small. 

Our insistence on utilizing premium materials not only sets us apart from many larger furniture chains but also many other online Amish vendors. However, we believe the end result is well worth the effort—our furniture is built to last a lifetime and endure the many rigors that come with regular use, all the while remaining as handsome as ever. 

We place the right materials and tools in the hands of woodworking artists!

Our team consists of veteran Amish woodworkers who’ve honed their craft over decades of experience. What’s more, our workshop’s culture rewards diligence and passion over rushed quantities. The end result is handsome, sturdy furniture meticulously hand-built at every stage. The beauty lies in the details, whether they be the hand-sanded surface, meticulous joinery, or intricately carved embellishments. For our Amish furniture makers, there is no “easy way,” just the “right way.” 

With your ideas and our wealth of options, magic will happen

Your furniture is an extension of your taste, your lifestyle, and your home. And that’s the beauty of made-to-order pieces–we can personalize and modify both aesthetic and functional elements so your new furniture will feel like it’s built just for you. 

We value the connections we make with customers

The Amish furniture you buy today can last a lifetime and be shared with generations to come. Therefore, we want to do everything we can to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your chosen pieces. We’ll help you find the ideal design and stain for your home, explore potential custom modifications to meet unique needs, and keep you informed about the progress of our woodworkers. To begin talking with our team, simply use the chat in the bottom left-hand corner to connect with a real person based in Arthur, Illinois. 

Our Dedication to Limiting Our Environmental Impact


At Countryside Amish Furniture, we go the extra mile to champion eco-friendly and ethical furniture production. Our timber comes from trees selected for harvesting based on limiting the impact on the environment and surrounding wildlife, as well as actually supporting the area’s long-term health through reforestation. 

What’s more, we employ Amish woodworking tactics that naturally limit energy usage and pollution. Above all else, all aspects of the supply chain and furniture-building are locally concentrated, meaning that we forego the CO2 emissions that come with shipping goods from overseas. 

We place the Amish furniture buying experience at your fingertips

You don't need to drive from one store to another, inspecting only a dozen furniture sets at a time. We offer thousands of furniture options right at your fingertips, showcasing a wide range of styles, sizes, functions, and budgets. 


Plus, Countryside Amish Furniture’s commitment to convenience doesn't stop at your initial purchase. We'll send requested samples right to your doorstep, allowing you to compare specific stains with your existing furniture. Furthermore, we'll deliver your completed order to your home or office at a convenient time and date. We'll even place the furniture exactly where you want it, all at no additional cost.

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