Bow Back Chairs

Bow Back Dining Chairs With Wooden Spindles

Bow back windsor chairs are handmade, heirloom-worthy seating options built from your choice of American hardwood. These colonial dining room chair representations are Amish made to order, often times with continuous arms and signature spindle back rests.

Childersburg High Bent Paddle Back Chair

Timeless in solid American hardwood, our Amish made Childersburg High Bent Paddle Back Chair is ideal for an eat-in kitchen or more formal dining space.

Kimball High Back Chair

Our Amish handmade Kimball High Back Chair features a classic bow back design and scooped wooden seat. Order your bow back chair in solid Oak or Cherry.

Sweetfield Spindle Kitchen Chair

Available in Oak or Brown Maple hardwood, the Sweetfield Spindle Kitchen Chair with wooden seat is a lovely addition to any classic dining or kitchen table.

Alfred Fiddle Back Dining Chairs

Bring the charm of Colonial America to your dining room with the Alfred Fiddle Chair with its unique bow back, turned spindle legs, and optional cushion.

Woburn High Back Spindle Chairs

Available in real American hardwoods such as Oak or Cherry, the Woburn High Back Spindle Chairs offer a classic back bow paired with spindles.

Springfield Low Back Arrow Chair

Bow back windsor chairs like our Springfield Low Back Arrow Chair are handmade, heirloom-worthy seating options built from your choice of American hardwood.

Newbury High Back Arrow Chairs

This beautiful solid oak curved spindle back chair, which we call the Newbury High Back Arrow Chairs, is made by experienced and skilled Amish craftsmen.

Medford High Back Feather Chairs

A bow back back chair with scooped wooden seats, the Amish made Medford High Back Feather Chairs feature elegant turned legs and a hand-rubbed wood finish.

St. Mark’s High Bent Feather Chair

Crafted from premium American hardwood, the St. Mark's High Bent Feather Chair promises authentic Amish craftsmanship and an industry leading top coat varnish.

Fenwick Bow Back Chair

Choose from Oak or Cherry when ordering your Amish handmade, custom Fenwick Bow Back Chairs. This classic chair will be made-to-order, just for you.

Vindale Arrowback Kitchen Chair

Traditionally designed with arrow back slats, the Vindale Arrowback Kitchen Chair is a lovely investment in solid American Oak hardwood.

Biddeford Bow Back Chair

Designed with a comfortable low back. the Biddeford Bow Back Chair is Amish handmade in the USA in your choice of solid Oak or Cherry.

Kimball Low Back Chair

Design your solid Oak or Cherry side kitchen chairs at Countryside Amish Furniture online. The Kimball Low Back Chair is a timeless, heirloom investment.

Titusville Bow Back Chair

Made with or without side arms, the Titusville Bow Back Chair has a scooped seat and traditional spindles for comfort. Available in oak and seven other woods.

Mississippi Paddle Back Chair

Pay homage to historic yesteryears with the extended, Windsor styled bow back and carved legs of the Mississippi Paddle Back Chair, customizable in four ways.

Walter Sheaf Back Kitchen Chairs

The sheaf design of this bow back dining chair speaks to the seat’s Amish roots and evokes the simple elegance of Colonial American times. Pictured in oak.

Loire Low Spindle Back Chair

The bow shape of the Loire Low Spindle Back Chair provides farmhouse style and comfort you can further enhance with a tack-on seat cushion of cloth or leather.

Andover Bent Dowel Chair

The Andover Bent Dowel Chair (shown in cherry) will bring traditional farmhouse charm to the dining room. Available with and without side arms.

Taunton Low Back Spindle Chairs

This bow back spindle chair evokes traditional American history with a touch of farmhouse. Available with a vintage or modern base, as well as optional arms.

St. Mary’s Low Back Feather Chairs

Diminutive in size but comfy nonetheless, this bow back dining chair can come with or without an upholstered seat, as well as the option of side arms.

Lynn Low Bent Paddle Chair

Perfect for modern farmhouse decor, this bow back chair (shown in oak) comes in seven wood types. Customize the seat, base style, and the inclusion of arms.

Dover Low Bent Feather Chair

Shown in oak but available in six other woods, this farmhouse chair comes with optional arms and upholstery, as well as your choice of a vintage or modern base.

Green Bay Bent Dowel Dining Chair

Inspired by Colonial America and farmhouse charm, the classic this seat pairs thin spindles with a thicker frame for a subtly unique twist on a bow back chair.

Alabama High Bent Paddle Continuous Arm Chair

The curvature of the steam bent arms provide this spindle back chair with a modern farmhouse twist. Choose the base style and whether to upholster the seat.

Magnussen Dining Chairs

This wooden Windsor back dining chair will bring Queen Anne elements to your living room. Buy with or without arms and optional seat upholstery.

The historical bow back chairs are re-imagined for today’s dining and entertaining spaces. Countryside Amish Furniture offers a wide selection of spindle bow back dining chairs ranging from classic and country, to modern and updated. Design a set of bow back dining chairs to use with your double pedestal table, or create a standalone arm chair in a striking painted wood finish. Our Amish craftsmen create each bow back windsor chair to order, ensuring the perfect style, hardwood, and finish for your home or business.