Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Decor Ideas

If you are looking for an effortless blend of contemporary design and comfy, this offers endless inspiration. Design spaces to be welcoming and functional with modern farmhouse dining room and kitchen styles.

What is Modern Farmhouse Decor?

Modern farmhouse style is all about warmth, simplicity, and function. It’s never fussy, and it always feels lived in. The modern farmhouse style is the perfect blend of the classic country look with the more clean contemporary design. It retains a fresh look while celebrating natural elements and imperfections.

Fueling the farmhouse movement is a revived interest and appreciation in true craftsmanship, and simple, functional design. If you are looking for an effortless blend of contemporary design and comfy, country living, the modern farmhouse style offers endless inspiration.

  • Sturdy, time-tested furniture
  • Distressed or painted finishes
  • Rustic wood types
  • Metal accents
  • Functional gathering spaces
  • Tongue and groove or shiplap backing
  • V-groove or planked table tops
  • Mixed materials & textiles
  • Mismatched seating
  • Earthy color palettes
  • Linens and comfortable fabrics
  • Vintage décor accents
  • Open shelving showcasing heirloom pieces

This unpretentious style is distinctly all-American. Nodding to its homegrown roots, modern farmhouse dining rooms have a collected-over-time or eclectic look, complete with various textures and fabrics, distressed furnishings, and vintage finishes. 

To shop for furniture that balances rustic with modern, we invite you to browse our Amish-made Farmhouse dining room furniture and our comprehensive Farmhouse dining room sets.

Build a charming, modern farmhouse dining room or update your eat-in kitchen with this lovely Austell Dining Set, Amish handmade from solid hardwood.

Key Features

  • Amish handmade to order
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Optional table center leaves
  • Dovetailed soft-close drawers
  • Deep wooden scoop chair seat
  • Custom hardwood & finish
  • Catalyzed conversion varnish

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Establishing the Right Palette for Farmhouse Decor: Dining Room Walls & Floor


Several factors make up modern farmhouse decor, and color is one of them. Like many interior design styles, the backdrop for the modern farmhouse includes neutral, off-white and white, gray, and greige paint colors, with pops of color woven in. One of the best qualities of a farmhouse color palette is that you almost always see a harmonious range of hues, blending and complementing one another to achieve a unique but cohesive look.

One decor idea is to mix in pops of color, wood tones, textures, and galvanize elements to get that down-to-earth farmhouse style. However, avoid the use of bold, overly saturated colors so your home appears open and looks fresh. If you need accent colors, opt for light blues, yellows, and greens.

Real Wood

Subtle wood details in your home will bring warmth and a wonderful sense of character. Wood balances beautifully against the neutral grays and whites of any modern farmhouse design.


One of the most crucial features of this design aesthetic is farmhouse-style flooring. As many modern designers have embraced country-style living, the natural wood grain look that’s so common to the farmhouse style has exploded in popularity. It’s all about the natural wood grain and that rustic, sturdy appearance. Hardwood is the best way to get a natural, unique wood grain look perfect for farmhouse-style flooring. Hardwood is also durable, long-lasting, and stylish.

Shiplap and Wainscotting

Shiplap can be used throughout the house or as part of a statement wall. A shiplap wall is made with long wooden panels placed horizontally and with slight spacing between each panel. These panels are often made of repurposed wood or are stained to look old.

Exposed Beams

If you’re looking to add a hint of rusticity and a lot of character to your living space, then adding exposed beams to your home’s modern decor is a fantastic idea. It can also highlight a large area, make your room cozier, and help showcase fancy focal pieces like chandeliers.

Brick or Stone

Farmhouse design highlights natural materials. You may not immediately think of brick or stone when you think of a modern farmhouse plan, but they can provide a natural look to any home seeking the modern farmhouse look. Brick has a clean industrial look that can be stunning on the interior and exterior of the home, and the use of natural stone in your design will help to bring texture and pattern while keeping a neutral color scheme.

Selecting the Right Modern Farmhouse Table and Furniture to Enhance the Decor

Our expert Amish woodworkers and artisans are now creating solid hardwood furniture pieces for your Modern Farmhouse dining room. Since the dining room is where we enjoy our meals, it’s important to consider the purpose and practicality of a space like this. Farmhouse dining rooms and kitchens are the heart of the home—they showcase the style's main purpose: function above all else. The main idea for achieving a classic farmhouse look is all about comfort. Furniture should invite you to sit down, and nothing should look as though it's too delicate to touch.

You can decorate your dining room with modern farmhouse appeal by using traditional furniture, like a rustic dining table, comfy seating, dining hutches, and much more.


Make the farmhouse dining table the centerpiece of the room. Overall, aim for table settings that are casual and that are made of quality materials (we prefer hardwood). Some ideas for modern farmhouse styles include a plank top farmer’s table, double pedestal table, and trestle tables. For a modern aesthetic, opt for pieces with clean lines rather than significant levels of decorative details.

If you want a hint of Modern Farmhouse style, consider something simple and impactful as a harvest table. Harvest tables work in all kinds of interiors because they're simple and practical. Four decorative legs, often tapered or turned legs, are attached to a straight apron for a streamlined, family-style appeal. Most accept center leaves for easy expansion.


Comfort and coziness are essential parts of the modern farmhouse experience. A distressed finish on X-back rustic farmhouse dining chairs can create a calming aura, while an upholstered seat can keep you just as comfy. There are several farmhouse dining chair options to consider, whether it’s a ladder-back farmhouse style, the sophistication of armchairs, or backless dining benches for the ultimate family-style setup that embodies the spirit of this design style.

In the dining room, mismatched seating such as wooden benches, hardwood, and upholstered accent chairs, creates an excellent gathering spot for family and friends while adding mixed textures and back heights to your dining room ensemble. This refined rustic farmhouse furniture boasts a healthy serving of sophistication that’s as freshly coordinated as it is luxuriously comfortable.


Additionally, hutches are a staple of modern farmhouse design, and they present your themed dining room décor with sophistication. Hutches can be used to store your expensive china, large serving platters, white pitchers, and much more. You can store silverware, plates, wine glasses, and any type of serving materials you might need in your dining room. For a broad assortment of options, check out our modern farmhouse hutches.

Looking to add an extra rustic flair to your dining room? Consider a live edge statement piece with one-of-a-kind character and charm. For more details, read our Buyer’s Guide to Natural Live Edge Wood Furniture where we answer the frequently asked questions related to this unique and beautiful edge type, as well as divulge tips for decorating with live edge wood furniture.

For a modern farmhouse ensemble you are bound to love, choose this Eloy Rustic Dining Set. Customize a set with versatile and handmade pieces.

Key Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Amish handmade to order
  • Circular sawn textured surfaces
  • Side or arm chair available
  • Multiple solid top table sizes
  • Powder coated metal bases
  • Rough sawn finish options
  • Low sheen conversion varnish

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Complement Farmhouse Dining Room Decor With Modern Lighting

The right light fixtures are your secret weapon for creating modern farmhouse vibes within your dining room. Look for pieces that are simple rather than overly ornate. Additionally, look for modern fixtures that embrace natural elements, such as wood, glass, or metal. For examples of lights that perfectly fit modern farmhouse styling, we suggest the Timber and Ore collection from Barn Light Electric Co.

Modern Rustic Lighting

As noted on their website, these American-made pieces are individually crafted using hand tools. What’s more, they incorporate North American hardwood and natural finishes for light fixtures as eco-friendly as they are chic. 

While these particular modern country lights aren’t enough to illuminate the whole dining space, one idea is to use individual fixtures to spotlight important parts of the room. Alternatively, use a series of pendants to bring more light.

Additionally, try to incorporate natural light into the dining room whenever possible, as another way to invite the outdoors into your home (and earmark of great modern farmhouse decor).

Ideas for Modern Farmhouse Decor Enhancements: Centerpieces, Wall Hangings, Etc.

Special farmhouse details aren’t just for the furniture pieces. To help this style come to life, also consider the details within decor pieces. Modern Farmhouse decor has a strong emphasis on geometry in the decorative details—from lights and mirrors to art and tabletop decor. 

Bringing nature into the space: Because modern farmhouse design is all about bringing the outdoors in, think natural wood, linen, and hemp fabrications and finishes.

Find handmade or artisan goods: Custom-made pieces add a touch of personality and make farmhouse homes feel more personal.

Farmhouse Chic Flowers and Plants Can with Handle

Invite natural light: You should make your farmhouse dining room bright and airy by enabling the flow of air and natural sunlight from the windows. Invest in quality curtains that naturally invite light.

Add wall decor: It’s important to consider your walls when decorating a farmhouse dining room. A mirror can help open up the space and make it feel larger than it is.

Farmhouse Wall Decor Window Mirror with Shutters

Mix and match: Mix old and new for a rich modern farmhouse interior that evokes a relaxed style, and low-key luxury.

Other Tips for Achieving Modern Farmhouse Style In Your Dining Room

Go for a minimalist approach: Modern decor is about embracing simplicity and minimalism, so don’t overwhelm the space with too many decorative pieces—simplicity is key. Lots of large open spaces allow for stunning views and a flow of light. Be sure to eliminate clutter and make sure every item has a designated place and purpose.

Mix organic materials: Combine solid wood, metals, stones, bricks, and fabrics to create a cozy modern farmhouse look. Contrasting these textures add visual intrigue and avoid a “flat” appearance.

Comfort is key: Modern farmhouse dining space should feel unpretentious and homey, yet elegant and refined.

Our transitional designs, exemplified by the Hattiesburg Dining Set, reflect a new bridge between contemporary and the traditional in handcrafted hardwood furniture.

Key Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Optional expansion leaves
  • Upholstered side chair
  • Fabric or leather options
  • Custom hardwood & stain
  • Catalyzed conversion varnish
  • Amish handcrafted in the USA

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In short, decorating your dining room to look farmhouse-chic boils down to using rustic and refined elements. Create your modern space based on what catches your eye. From there you will be able to select the type of furniture and fixtures to include in your dining space. Lastly, add your personal touch to the room for personality.

There you have a modern farmhouse dining space - classic and contemporary seamlessly woven together to create a fresh feel that is relaxed, beautifully imperfect, and every day. Recreate the flawless simplicity of modern farmhouse style in your own home and shop our best selection of farmhouse-inspired dining and kitchen furnishings to reflect your style and bring new ideas to your home.



Author, Baileigh Basham

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