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  • What is a butterfly leaf table?

    A butterfly leaf table is an expandable dining table that expands with a self-storing leaf. This popular expansion design typically has a leaf (for leg tables), or two leaves (for trestle and pedestal tables) in the center. A butterfly leaf is named because when it is being "opened' into place, it appears to have wings like a butterfly. A butterfly leaf table can take almost any overall shape, but the most common are rectangular or circular. Our solid wood butterfly leaf is normally around 18 inches wide, and hinges in the middle. You can simply pull the ends of the table top out, revealing a gap in the center where the leaf is stored.

  • How does a butterfly leaf table work?

    A center seam allows the leaf to fold and stack to slide under the table top for storage. Our Amish artisans have perfected the mechanism of the leaf and also minimized the space required making it virtually invisible beneath your table top. When installing the leaf for use, one need only to separate the table top by pulling the ends apart, then lift the top half of the leaf to open and the mechanism allows the leaf to rise into place. Finally, push the ends of the table back together so that the leaf secures snugly on either side. Now you have two extra spaces at your Amish dinner table.

  • How do you open a butterfly leaf table properly?
    1. ​Pull table apart (it may be sticky for the first few times)
    2. Take hold of the leaf (both halves)
    3. Swing up out of table
    4. Flip open the leaf skirts
    5. Unfold the other half
    6. Line up pins and close table

    Thanks to geared, equalized slides, butterfly leaf tables are easy to open. When you are ready to extend the table, just pull on one end and a gap will widen in the middle where the leaf can be opened into place. Pull the butterfly leaf slightly out to one side and then up; the leaf should swing naturally out and up. Once the leaf is completely out from under the table, open the butterfly leaf (the two halves should open like butterfly wings and flatten). Lastly, slide the end of the table back into place, toward the center of the table to create one large. Cohesive tabletop.

  • How do I know if a butterfly leaf table is the right option for my space?

    Also known as expandable tables, butterfly leaf tables can be reduced in size to fit a small dining room, but then expanded to handle extra guests when the need arises. These essential tables are built for both function and beauty and are also offered in varying designs including leg tables, trestles, and double pedestals. Butterfly leaf tables are easy to work and look just as beautiful as any other solid wood, Amish made dining table. A butterfly folding table is a good choice if you do not have additional space to store your extensions, as one or more of the leaves self-store under the table top.

Build a stunning dining area around a beautiful butterfly leaf dining table from Countryside Amish Furniture. These butterfly leaf tables are built with heirloom-quality techniques and solid American hardwood to enhance your home for years to come. Our Amish made pedestal, trestle, and leg tables accept one or two butterfly leaves, which conveniently self-store within the table. Choose from a selection of small or large tables to find the butterfly leaf table that beautifully fits your home and your lifestyle.