Brown Maple Furniture

Brown Maple Wood Furniture - Decorating, Color Combinations, and Other Tips

Brown Maple wood is durable and affordable, and its resistance to wear along with its receptiveness to staining makes it a popular choice for pieces stained to mimic more expensive woods.

Brown Maple Furniture Overview

One of our most popular hardwoods, Brown Maple has a finer grain that gives it a smoother look without any knots. This smooth smooth grain offers a more contemporary look, but this wood type is highly versatile depending on the style you are trying to achieve. 

If you are looking for a wood with a tighter grain, but want something more affordable than Cherry wood furniture, Brown Maple might be a good choice for you.

Brown Maple Wood Furniture Benefits:

  • Unique finish options
  • Strong and durable
  • Adapts well to many styles
  • Reasonably priced
  • Showcases unique grain pattern
  • Easy to work with
  • Great for painting and distressing
  • Smooth, uniform grain
  • Best wood type for a painted finish
  • Unique color variation

Key Differences Between Brown Maple and Hard Maple Furniture

When choosing your wood species, consider the comparative hardness, cost difference, and overall appearance and identification of Maple versus Brown Maple.

Comparative Hardness: While Brown Maple is sometimes referred to as “soft,” it is actually only soft in comparison to Hard Maple. A common measurement used to determine relative wood hardness is the Janka Hardness Test. Taking the hardness data into consideration with other hardwoods, Brown Maple is slightly easier than Maple to work with when being shaped.

When choosing which wood is right for your furniture, it comes down to preference. The main instances where you would want to stick with Maple would be in a setting where hardness and strength are important. Maple possesses excellent resistance to indentation and overall wear. For example, one may choose Maple for flooring, a butcher block, workbench tops, etc.; however, both wood species are popular fine furniture selections.

Cost Difference: Maple is not only a much harder wood but more expensive as well. Maple trees take approximately four times longer to grow, and they are also much smaller in diameter.

Identification: Maple’s major claim to fame is its seemingly pure white color and its tight grain pattern. With a light natural finish, Maple has become a leading choice for contemporary furniture and hardwood flooring. Maple’s subtle grain pattern and sleek surface work well in a large or small space. The natural light tone of Maple makes the stain appear bright and bold, and it captures light and brightens any space.

Taking cues from mid-century designs, this handmade Kihei Dining Set brings a taste of modern style and hardwood charm into your entertainment ensemble.

Key Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Expansion table sizes
  • 1" thick table top & bow-shape
  • Mid-century modern side chair
  • Dovetailed full extension drawers
  • Custom hardwood & stain
  • Catalyzed conversion varnish
  • Amish handcrafted in the USA

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How does Brown Maple Compare to Oak and Cherry?

Brown Maple vs. Oak

Brown Maple furniture is very much the opposite of Red Oak in terms of grain. Red Oak has a robust and deep grain pattern while Brown Maple has a very smooth and subtle grain pattern. Oak’s pronounced patterns make it easier to identify among hardwood furniture.

Brown Maple furniture has a Janka Hardness Scale with a rating of 950, whereas Oak boasts a 1290 score. Oak also wears very well over years of tough use, hides minor dents, and wears very well in its wide and thick grain pattern.

Brown Maple vs Cherry

Brown Maple is very similar in hardness to another familiar American hardwood, Cherry. A casual observer will not be able to tell the difference between a piece of furniture made of Brown Maple or Cherry. Cherry is unique because of its aging property - sunlight gives Cherry wood a darker color over time, especially during the first two years of the furniture’s life. Cherry is often left in its natural state, whereas Brown Maple is most typically stained.

Create a stylish home office that works as hard as you do. Our Stanley Office Set combines functionality and style creating an inspiring work environment.

Key Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Contemporary drawer hardware
  • Full extension dovetailed drawers
  • Soft close undermount slides
  • Adjustable wooden shelves
  • Optional drawer locks
  • Custom hardwood & finish
  • Amish handmade in the USA

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Popular uses of Brown Maple - Dining Room Tables and Other Furniture

Brown Maple is highly versatile and is frequently used for high-end furniture items or collections, kitchen cabinets, and flooring. The wood species is easy to shape and can be crafted into many different furniture styles for nearly any room in the home.

Brown Maple is a good choice for:


Popular furniture styles for Brown Maple:

The smooth grain pattern in Brown Maple lends the style to contemporary and shaker styles. Brown Maple is also found on Victorian-style and Queen Anne style furniture as a less-than-Cherry option.

Choosing the Right Stain for Brown Maple Furniture

One of the most versatile wood types when building Amish furniture, Brown Maple is often used for contemporary looks with dark stains or painted finishes. The grain pattern is smooth and characterized by varying light to dark streaks. It absorbs medium to dark stains well and its smooth surface is ideal for painted finishes. Choosing a lighter colored stain will best showcase the natural range of grain colors in Brown Maple, while a darker stain will blend the grain colors better.

For those seeking a painted or distressed look for their furniture, Brown Maple is the clear winner. Its smooth, uniform grain takes paint well. Distressing (a stain or painted finish) can create a weathered, antiqued look for the hardwood.

Something to consider: Brown maple wood includes some irregularities in the grain pattern that can include gray-green mineral streaking. Because of this streaking, it is recommended that Brown Maple furniture be stained in darker finishes so the streaks do not show through. Irregularities in the grain pattern can cause Brown Maple to capture a stain unpredictably, meaning some areas of the wood will look considerably darker than others. For those looking for a more uniform look, we recommend a dark stain or full coverage paint.

Our Sarasota Bedroom Set is a casual contemporary collection that exudes a feeling of comfort, simplicity and well-being in the hardwood of your choice.

Key Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Full extension drawer slides
  • Optional sliding nightstand top
  • Custom hardwood & finish
  • Amish handmade in the USA

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Tips for Caring and Cleaning for Solid Brown Maple Wood Furniture

Your Brown Maple furniture is designed to give you many years of useful service, but it needs a little help along the way.

Many things will collect on the surface of wood finishes. Such as cooking oils and fumes, fingerprints, dust, and smoking residue. Generally, a soft damp cloth followed by a dry cloth will be all you need to clean the finish. If a cleaner is required, use only very mild soap and wipe dry. A high-quality furniture polish may be used occasionally. Apply polish with a soft cloth following the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid the use of silicone polishes as they may damage the wood finish if used over some time.

Control the Environment
To avoid cracks and splits in wood panels, keep the indoor humidity levels between 35% and 45%. Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight or near other heat sources such as stoves or radiators, and never store furniture in an attic or damp basement. You may choose to dehumidify or humidify depending on your environment.

Cleaning Recommendations
While it might seem complicated to clean wood, a simple approach is always best. Avoid dusting with a dry cloth, this may cause tiny scratches in the finish. Instead, always use a soft damp cloth following the grain. We recommend avoiding using polishes that contain ammonia or silicone. Last but not least, clean up spills immediately using warm soapy water.

Allow Wood Time to Cure
The materials that protect your finished furniture are dual component products that require 21 to 30 days to achieve maximum protection of the natural wood. In the curing process, damage can and will occur if caution is not used to protect this finish from hot materials placed on it.

How do you protect your furniture?
You can place coasters under hot cups or serving bowls. Use a table pad when possible to keep hot and heavy materials off the wood surface. In time, your furniture will achieve its full protective properties, but for the first few weeks, it needs a little extra care.

FAQs About Brown Maple Furniture

Countryside sources only new growth forests for our solid wood furniture, and our experienced Amish craftsmen have high conservation standards and the utmost respect for the hardwood used. You can relax knowing that both your new Brown Maple wood furniture pieces and the forests they came from will be around to enjoy for generations.

Brown Maple is best for indoor projects since it has no resistance to decay. Our guide to the Best Outdoor Wood Furniture breaks down our favorites. Similar to the wood used for decks, wood patio furniture needs proper protection and maintenance to last longer. Even though it’s a natural material, most wood furniture needs to be properly treated or finished to endure the heat, cold, rain, rot, and pests that come with outdoor use.

One of the less expensive hardwoods, along with Oak, Brown Maple costs less than Cherry, Walnut, and other woods. Just because it is less expensive does not mean it’s inferior. The costs are lower because Brown Maple is more common and the tree grows much quicker, comparatively.

Our real wood Rapid River Living Room Set blends storage with practical function, and each piece can server a number of functions depending on the setting.

Key Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Bow-shaped tops; flared legs
  • Soft close cabinet doors
  • Dovetailed full extension drawers
  • Side mount soft close slides
  • Custom hardwood & stain
  • Catalyzed conversion varnish
  • Amish handmade in the USA

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Why Order Brown Maple Wood Furniture from Countryside Amish Furniture

Expect nothing less than lasting quality when you buy Brown Maple furniture from Countryside Amish Furniture. We were highly selective when choosing the Amish woodworkers with which we partner to ensure both authenticity and high levels of skill. The result? Beautiful Brown Maple furniture you’ll be proud to display for decades to come. 

We invite you to browse our hundreds of different pieces representing a full spectrum of styles and functions. However, the shopping experience doesn’t end there; choose whether you want your furniture made from Brown Maple or another North American hardwood and the perfect stain for your decor. We recommend you order samples to see firsthand how the chosen wood looks with the coloring, as well as how it looks within your home. 

Depending on your chosen furniture, you can further personalize your purchase with the choice of features, hardware, fabrics, and more. 

Our team is dedicated to providing the best furniture buying experience. We are available to help you every step of the way, from browsing to the at-home setup. 

Most of our made-to-order furniture is available in Brown Maple wood, even if it's pictured in Oak, Cherry, Walnut, etc. on our website. Just select Brown Maple in the product's wood choice drop-down menu or contact us to ask if we can build a given piece in Brown Maple.

Author, Baileigh Basham

Bailiegh Basham is Lead Sales & Marketing Strategist at Countryside Amish Furniture. She's been a team member since 2014. Bailiegh is deeply passionate about furniture design and home decor.