Large Wooden Dining Tables

Large Amish-crafted dining tables available in lengths of 144” and greater

Explore our exquisite collection of Amish-made, large dining tables, generous in both length and wood detailing. Our made-to-order come in various dimensions, including the oversized proportions you may need to accommodate big family meals and social gatherings. Choose the build, the stain, and the option of leaves, and let our woodworkers build the large dining table of your dreams.

We Tailor Furniture for Special Requests

Beverley Queen Anne Table

Sit guests around the Beverley Queen Anne Table, customizable with multiple shape, size, edge, and hardwood choices, as well as the possibility to add leaves.

Fremont Trestle Table

Designed with a modern, rustic flair, the Fremont Trestle Table features beautiful, bold turned legs that give this table unmatched charm.

Lakemont Table

Rugged and rustic, the Lakemont Table accepts end of table extension leaves for easy expansion. The trestle table is crafted from Rough Sawn Maple.

Casey Trestle Table

Handcrafted from Rough Sawn Maple and made-to-order, our Casey Trestle Table will add both rustic and contemporary looks to any dining room interior.

Havana Live Edge Table

Made from rough sawn maple and featuring a natural edge, this contemporary take on a refectory table comes in 27 sizes, maxing out an impressive 48" x 144".

Glen Hope Table

One of our more ornately designed refectory dining tables, the Glen Hope Table is pictured in an antiqued finish over Rough Sawn Maple hardwood.

Beacon Falls Trestle Table

Choose between twenty different sizes small and large for the Beacon Falls Trestle Table and no matter what size you choose, two 18 inch leaves are included.

Starling Leg Table

Countryside's Starling Leg Table is ideal for expansion with a unique skirt, rectangular top, and tapered legs. Each is Amish handmade to order in the USA.

Binghamton Leg Table

This two-tone table comes in 10 size options, making it easy to find the right fit for your kitchen or dining room. Choose the style of legs, edge, and more.

Homewood Shaker Leg Table

Mission in style and square or rectangular in shape, the Homewood Shaker Leg Table can accept a number of leaves to grow when extra dinner space is needed.

Widdicomb Trestle Table

Make a statement with a handmade dining table from Countryside. The Widdicomb Trestle Table has distinct saw marks that give this piece a rustic character.

Medina Leg Table

The shaker-themed Medina Leg Table really is a magical dining table, accepting up to 12 leaves to transform it to fit your grandest hosting needs.

Riedel Extendable Dining Table

This expansive kitchen or dining table accept up to six 18-inch leaves. Customize a Riedel Extendable Dining Table and seat all your guests together in style.

Omaha Solid Wood Dining Table

The two-toned Omaha Solid Wood Dining Table, photographed in white oak and brown maple, comes in sizes from 42” x 60” to 48” x 72” and with optional leaves.

Tall Timbers Extendable Dining Table

Spanning 20+ feet with the extension leaves in place, the Tall Timbers Extendable Dining Table is the perfect large mission centerpiece for your dining room.

Franc’s Peak Expandable Dining Table

Customize a Franc's Peak Expandable Dining Table for your home. Insert center leaves for larger gatherings. Each table is crafted using solid American wood.

Hughes Street Leg Table

A modern table with solid hardwood construction. The lovely Hughes Street Leg Table opens on wooden expansion slides to accept a number of center leaves.

Barrington Leg Table

This leg table boasts Amish craftsmanship, a water-resistant finish, and expansion slides. Shown in cherry, it comes in various woods, sizes, and edge styles.

Fryeburg Reclaimed Trestle Table

Topping out at 42" x 96", this reclaimed barnwood trestle table can be made even larger with the optional addition of extension leaves. The more the merrier!

Foster Leg Table

The Foster Leg Table, a mid-century gem with clean lines and tapered legs, comes in sizes 42" x 60" through 48" x 72" and in cherry, oak, and other woods.

Dartmoor French Country Leg Table

We offer 14 sizes (the largest table being 48” x 72”) and the chance to customize the shape, edge, and stain. Make this French Country piece truly your own!

Redfield Extendable Table

As if the Redfield Extendable Table wasn’t large enough, you can further lengthen it with up to 17 leaves, all sporting the stylish rough sawn maple texture.

Widdicomb Live Edge Table

Whether you order this rough sawn maple table with 36" x 48" dimensions or an extra-large 48" x 144", you’ll receive nothing short of Amish-made excellence.

Sawyer Live Edge Table

With offered dimensions spanning as small as 36" x 48" and large as 48" x 144", this table can introduce rustic industrial charm to dining spaces of any length.

Finger Lakes Table

Make a large rustic statement with this rough sawn maple table available in lengths of 48” through 108” complete with metal turnbuckle detailing.

Saison Dining Table

The large trestle ends make this rough sawn maple table a bold addition to your dining space. Add bonus length as needed with the option of extension leaves.

Killarney Narrow Dining Table

The lovely Killarney Narrow Dining Table may offer a maximum length of 72", but it can accommodate as many as 12 leaves to make this table as large as needed.

Jolie Kitchen Leg Table

This large Amish table is uniquely distinguished by its three leg styles—turned, reeded, and fluted—each enhancing its French Country charm.

Woodbury Estate Farmhouse Table

Bring a large helping of Farmhouse elegance to your home with this highly customizable, solid wood table, available with multiple shape, edge, and size options.

Parron Extendable Leg Table

The long Parron Extendable Leg Table can be customized six different ways–choose from sizes large or small, different corner styles and more.

Order a personalized large table made from solid wood today, and experience the enduring craftsmanship and timeless beauty of Amish furniture in your dining space. With large sizes to fit every family and gatherings of all scales, our dining tables are built to last for generations, providing a gathering place where memories are created and cherished. Embrace the warmth and elegance of Amish tradition and quality woodworking in your home and invest in a big dining table that hosts your family’s most cherished memories and can become a multi-generational heirloom that lasts throughout the decades.

  • Will Countryside Amish Furniture handle all delivery and setup of the large table?

    Countryside Amish Furniture offers easy delivery of your large wooden table and other furniture to your dining room or desired location for a flat rate of $150. Customers can relax knowing they won't have to worry about lifting a huge, solid wood table, as our delivery service handles the heavy lifting for them. Best of all, you get to choose the specific day and window of time that is most convenient. 

  • What Sort of Extension Leave Options are Available?

    Click through the large tables we listed, and you'll notice that almost all of them offer the option to purchase extension leaves, allowing you to make your table even longer as needed. The number of available leaves typically depends on the table's dimensions. Additionally, some large tables have built-in storage for the leaves, while others require the leaves to be stored separately. If you have any specific questions about a table's leaf configuration, please use the chat to connect with our team. We may even be able to fulfill unique extension leaf requests to ensure your new large table is a perfect fit for your home.