Amish Adirondack Chairs

Quality Adirondack Chairs made from Poly Lumber

Amish adirondack chairs have a timeless look and never go out of style. Whether shopping for deck chairs for your lake house or the right outdoor dining chairs for your porch or patio, Countryside has a wide variety of high quality poly adirondack chairs that are sure to be a hit in your outdoor space.

We Tailor Furniture for Special Requests

Sidra Adirondack Chair

Put poly lumber and stainless steel fasteners in the hands of Amish woodworkers, and the result is this sturdy Adirondack chair complete with a contoured seat.

Odessa Adirondack Chair

This Amish Adirondack hair can come with matching dining chairs, gliders, and a conversation, all parts of the Odessa Adirondack Furniture Set.

Rockaway Highback Adirondack Chair

With our Amish Adirondack chairs made-to-order, you can order this chair in black or in one of the other dozen colors, as well as with or without a cushion.

Tahiti Folding Adirondack Chair

Made with the strongest of poly wood and leading Amish techniques, this Adirondack Chair will provide lasting stability and comfort. Fold it for easy storage.

Bahia Adirondack Chair

Invest in the poise and quality of this Amish-made Adirondack chair which is easy to clean and will remain like-new for years. No splintering or fading!

Avalon Kid’s Adirondack Chair

Like adults, kids can appreciate a relaxing Adirondack chair. Amish builders make this smaller version to the same exacting standards for peak durability.

Sidra Folding Adirondack

Display the two-colored, Amish-built Sidra Folding Adirondack with pride during warmer months and fold it up for winter time storage.

Rockaway Adirondack Chair

Classic and comfortable, the Rockaway Adirondack Chair blends Amish craftsmanship with eco-friendly, weatherproofed poly lumber for the ultimate outside seat.

Sidra High Adirondack Chair

The Amish-made Sidra High Adirondack Chair provides a fun twist on this classic chair. Order it in your favorite color, including two-tone combinations.

Sidra Adirondack Dining Chair

Combine the comfort of an Adirondack chair with the convenience of dining seating for this two-in-one chair built by expert Amish crafters using HDPE resin.

Sidra Child’s Adirondack Chair

Give little ones outdoor seating of their own with this kid-sized Adirondack chair, made with the same expert Amish craftsmanship as its adult counterpart.

Sidra Double High Adirondack

Spend quality time with family with this beautifully crafted two-seater. Our Amish artisans make the Adirondack chair with eco-friendly, durable HDPE resin.

Sidra Double Adirondack

No need to enjoy the outdoors by yourself with this style of Adirondack chair. Made to order by Amish woodworkers, it’s available in dozens of color options.

Bahia Kid’s Fanback Chair

Little ones deserve to relax in an Amish Adirondack chair of their own, made with the same high standards and poly lumber as their adult counterparts.

Bahia Folding Adirondack Chair

This is not a typical Amish-made Adirondack Chair, as it folds flat for easy storage during the off-season yet is as sturdy as the best of them when in use.

Avalon Swivel Adirondack Glider

Amish furniture makers combine poly lumber and stainless steel fasteners with thoughtful design to yield a comfortable outdoor gliding chair which lasts years.

Avalon Adirondack Rocking Chair

There’s more to this rocker than meets the eye; Amish workers use various outdoor-friendly textiles and advanced joinery to produce a resilient outdoor chair.

Mindelo High Adirondack Chair

Sit back and relax in the Mindelo High Adirondack Chair, Amish-made using indestructible HDPE resin that is both eco-friendly and effortless to clean.

Mindelo Adirondack Chair

Treat your patio to simply the best with the Amish-crafted Mindelo Adirondack Chair, available in a rainbow of poly colors that will never fade.

Odessa Outdoor Conversation Set

This unique piece merges two Amish-made Adirondack chairs perfectly angled for users to converse and share a drink while stretching out their legs.

Figi Folding Adirondack Footstool

For peak relaxation, pair your Amish Adirondack chair with a coordinating footrest that is weather-resistant, eco-friendly, and collapsible when not in use.

Figi Folding Adirondack Chair

Recline in style with this Amish-made Adirondack Chair, available in a rainbow of dual-color combinations, all executed in best-in-class poly lumber."

Bahia Patio Conversation Set

Double the comfort with two Amish-made Adirondack chairs! Adjoining seats with a shared table offer a smooth look and feel, held together with hidden fastener.

Bahia Outdoor Ottoman

Complete your Amish Adirondack chair with the handy Bahia Outdoor Ottoman, made with high-caliber poly lumber color-matched to your seating set.

Avalon Folding Adirondack Chair

Experience top-tier woodworking paired with weather-resistant poly lumber in these Amish-crafted Adirondack chairs, collapsible for convenient storage.

Avalon Adirondack Chair

Whether nestled amongst grass or sitting atop your deck, these Amish Adirondack chairs deliver unwavering comfort. Add cushions and cup holders upon request.

Choose from a variety of Amish adirondack chairs at Countryside Amish Furniture. Outdoor adirondack chairs have a distinct look, with flat, wide arms and a backward sloping seat that sits closer to the ground than a standard chair. Made using environmentally friendly recycled poly lumber, we offer a wide variety of stationary adirondacks, along with folding chairs, bistro height, bench, and folding fan-back, adirondack styles. These classic, comfortable, and stylish chairs work well by the pool, around the fire pit, on an oceanside deck, or just nestled in your backyard.