Wooden Love Seats

Quality Handcrafted Amish Love Seats for Indoor Use

From fabrics to finishes, wood types and more, create an Amish-made indoor love seat that is uniquely yours. A little extra seating in your living room or family space can go a long way, and a handcrafted loveseat does it with room to spare . . .

We Tailor Furniture for Special Requests

Hallstat Loveseat Gliding Ottoman

Wood joins with leather or fabric upholstery to create the Hallstat Loveseat Glider and Ottoman, complete with a high-density foam cushions for comfort.

Hallstat Loveseat Glider

Make the indoor Hallstat Loveseat Glider truly your own by selecting the type of upholstery, color and pattern, type of solid wood, and the stain.

Azle Rustic Loveseat

Welcome rustic modern touches indoors with this wooden loveseat made from rough sawn maple. Check out the Azle Rustic Living Room Set for matching pieces.

Bacliff Loveseat

Raise the bar when it comes to tastefully chosen style with the contrasting good looks of the Bacliff Loveseat's wood frame and upholstered cushions.

Wexford Loveseat

Manufactured with Qualex high-density foam cushions, the Wexford Loveseat features a solid hardwood frame and top-of-the-line catalyzed varnish top coat.

St. Cloud Slatted Reclining Loveseat

The indoor St. Cloud Slatted Reclining Loveseat combines a wooden frame with high density foam and the fabric or leather upholstery of your choice.

St. Cloud Reclining Loveseat

Customize this indoors wooden loveseat to fit your home by choosing the hardwood, finish, and leather or fabric pattern. Recline in an Amish-made masterpiece.

McHenry Loveseat

Countryside's pictured McHenry Loveseat is shown built from Quartersawn White Oak, but the mission couch is also available in Oak, Brown Maple, and Cherry.

Soda Springs Reclining Loveseat

Enhance your mission styled decor with this wooden loveseat intended for indoor use. Comes with a motorized reclining and your choice of wood and upholstery.

Soda Springs Loveseat

We offer the Soda Springs Loveseat in wood species including Oak, Brown Maple, Rustic Cherry, Elm, Cherry, Quartersawn White Oak, Hickory, Maple, and Walnut.

Jerome Slatted Loveseat

Part of the Jerome Set, this wooden slatted loveseat is effortlessly chic. Select the preferred wood and upholstery to complete your modern indoor space.

Jerome Panel Loveseat

The wooden Jerome Panel Loveseat extends 59” wide, enhanced with handsome panels and corbels. Choose the specific fabric and leather for your indoor seating.

Toledo Loveseat

Enhance your home’s interior with this Mission wooden loveseat, made with your chosen leather and fabric. Features include open slats and a spring seat bottom.

Hawkes Bay Loveseat

Impressive and imperial, the Hawkes Bay Loveseat has massive columns and finished inset paneling. White Oak construction makes a noteworthy statement.

Hallstat Loveseat

This wooden, two-seater loveseat brings comfort with the high density cushions alongside classic Mission design with slatted sides and high-quality finish.

Casselberry Reclaimed Love Seat

Made from solid reclaimed hardwood, this indoor loveseat utilizes poly foam cushions with your choice of leather or fabric, yielding the ultimate two-seater.

Tularosa Loveseat

Stunning in domestic hardwood like Cherry, Quartersawn White Oak, or Walnut, the Tularosa Loveseat is craftsman-inspired with flared leg posts.

Wilmette Loveseat Glider

Traditionally designed with turned spindles and a hardwood frame, the Wilmette Loveseat Glider can be customized in your favorite wood, finish, and upholstery.

Kiana Loveseat Glider

Designed with subtle curves, the Kiana Loveseat Glider is the perfect seat for two. This gliding bench is crafted in America by expert Amish artisans.

Kiana Upholstered Loveseat Recliner

Offering a built in footrest and thick, fabric or leather back and arm cushions, the Kiana Upholstered Loveseat Recliner is the ultimate seat for a traditional

Colonial Cottage Loveseat

Popular in Oak with a premium fabric upholstery, the Colonial Cottage Style Loveseat is built to endure years of worry-free use with high-density cushions.

Santa Clara Love Seat

Quartersawn White Oak construction paired with a vibrant fabric upholstery makes a charming statement in our Amish made Santa Clara Craftsman Loveseat.

Rushmore Loveseat

Personalize a two person Rushmore Loveseat when you select your favorite American hardwood, hand-rubbed finish, and premium fabric or leather upholstery.

Sandy Creek Loveseat

Part of the Sandy Creek Living Room Set, this wooden loveseat brings Mission elegance to your indoor spaces. Choose from fabric or leather upholstery.

El Dorado Reclaimed Reclining Loveseat

Combine reclaimed lumber with poly foam cushions wrapped in luxurious upholstery, and you have a beautiful Amish-crafted piece with a story.

Girard Park Loveseat

As stylish as it is comfortable, the indoor loveseat from the Girard Park Living Room Set comes with multiple hardwood, fabric, and leather options.

Portmagee Reclining Loveseat

This loveseat has it all: comfy cushions, premium-level cloth or leather, motorized reclining mechanisms, and the specific wood and upholstery you desire.

Portmagee Loveseat

Wooden love seats, or two-person sofas, are perfect for smaller indoor spaces or for creating conversation groups in larger rooms. Enjoy all the benefits of a full-sized sofa, including a solid hardwood frame, high density foam cushions, and premium upholstery, while taking up less space in your living room or sitting area. Whether on their own or as part of a collection, our Amish-made wooden loveseats go well with most living room themes. You can add one of our amish loveseats to your indoors either to complement or enhance your existing decor or theme.