Large Amish Dining Tables

By Bailiegh Basham · March 12, 2020

Large Amish Dining Tables

Dining Tables that Seat 12 or More

Holidays, celebrations, and daily life happen around the kitchen and dining room tables, so choose a design set to fit your and your family’s needs. Seating twelve to twenty may only be necessary on occasion, but Countryside Amish Furniture has the custom dining furniture perfect for every special gathering.

Below you will find a list of our extra-long dining room tables that are Amish handcrafted of solid wood. A large dining room table can seat 12 or more and each table's capacity is listed. Be mindful that the width of your dining chairs and the width of the table will make an impact on the number of guests you may sit comfortably. Industry standard says you should allow 30" per adult in a formal dining situation, but for family dining, 24-27" per person is usually sufficiant. We've covered the finer points of dining table sizing and seating in another blog post, The Complete Guide To: Dining Table Seating Capacity 

Large Trestle Tables



Large Double Pedestal Tables


Large Leg Dining Room Tables

Standard leg tables are the most popular tables for large expansion. As additonal leaves are added to the center of the table, center legs are added as well. As a general rule of thumb, a fifth leg is added with the third leaf and so on. 

Tables that Seat 12-14:

Tables that Seat 16-18:

Tables that Seat 20 or More: