American Colonial Style Dining Chairs - Page 2

Loire Low Spindle Back Chair

The bow shape of the Loire Low Spindle Back Chair provides farmhouse style and comfort you can further enhance with a tack-on seat cushion of cloth or leather.

Taunton Low Back Spindle Chairs

This bow back spindle chair evokes traditional American history with a touch of farmhouse. Available with a vintage or modern base, as well as optional arms.

St. Mary’s Low Back Feather Chairs

Diminutive in size but comfy nonetheless, this bow back dining chair can come with or without an upholstered seat, as well as the option of side arms.

Dover Low Bent Feather Chair

Shown in oak but available in six other woods, this farmhouse chair comes with optional arms and upholstery, as well as your choice of a vintage or modern base.

Dover Low Bent Feather Pub Chair

A classic bow back chair re-imagined for counter or bar height tables. Every Dover Low Bent Feather Pub Chair is Amish built to order in the USA.

Green Bay Bent Dowel Dining Chair

Inspired by Colonial America and farmhouse charm, the classic this seat pairs thin spindles with a thicker frame for a subtly unique twist on a bow back chair.

New London Queen Anne Dining Chair

Guests will feel like Queen Anne herself when sitting in these dining chairs rich with flourishes, shown in cherry but available in your choice of solid wood.

Wakefield Sheaf Back Dining Chairs

More than a classic Windsor chair, the Wakefield Sheaf Back Dining Chairs features a decorative spindle design, shown in oak and made as a side or arm chair.

Magnussen Dining Chairs

This wooden Windsor back dining chair will bring Queen Anne elements to your living room. Buy with or without arms and optional seat upholstery.