Custom Dining Room Furniture

Real hardwood dining furniture made-to-order

Your interior design vision is about to come to life with beautiful, handcrafted Amish dining room furniture. Not sure where to start? Below we walk you through all of the things you’ll need to consider when shopping for custom dining room furniture.

Without exception, all our furniture is built to order, so in some sense, every piece is "customized" to your specific preferences. You can select every aspect of your custom dining furniture, from style and size to stains and upholstery options, creating a truly unique, one-of-a-kind piece that will last for generations to come.

If all the choices are overwhelming, rest assured Countryside is here to help you through every step of the design process. You can shop from our curated dining room collections ​or mix and match your favorite dining pieces to create a set unique to your tastes. Whichever way you shop, Countryside offers a wide variety of table and chair styles to choose from.

Customizing Your Dining Set - What You’ll Need to Decide

Step 1: Decide on a dining set or a la carte

If you’re going with a set, great! Your job just got easier. Skip right to step 4. If you’re shopping a la carte, you’ll need to make a few design decisions. Head to the next step.

Step 2: Select your dining table type and style

If you’re going to be shopping a la carte, we like to recommend you start with a dining table you like first, and then add additional pieces to match. First and most importantly, you’ll need to decide on a dining table type and style. Both will impact the look and functionality of your table. For a comprehensive breakdown of your options, check out our guide to dining room table styles.

Step 3: Select your dining chair type and style

Similar to the table, chairs can come in any number of styles. We recommend selecting a chair that matches the design style of your table. If you selected a mid-century modern table, we recommend selecting a mid-century modern chair for a more cohesive look to the end product. For a comprehensive breakdown of your options, check out our guide to dining room chair styles.​

Step 4: It’s time to customize!

We offer just about any dining set option you can think of in order to deliver the dining set of your dreams. Here are the main finishing touches you’ll need to customize:

  • Type of wood. O​ak, Cherry, Elm Maple—which wood type should you pick for your dining room table and chairs? Our wood species guide breaks down all the options to help you decide.

  • Table size.​ Want intimate seating for your immediate family or enough room to host all the uncles, aunts, and cousins? Or maybe a custom extendable dining table to make room for both? Our seating capacity guide can help you decide how many people can fit in which size tables.

  • Finishing. ​Have an exact color stain in mind, or want to browse options? Take a look at all the stain options we offer for each wood type.

  • Seat options. You can choose all-wood chairs, or add a fabric or leather cushion to your seat.

  • Curate a full set. Want a hutch, buffet, or side table to match the look and feel of your dining table? You’ve got it!

Step 5: Finally: ordering, delivery, and a lifetime of enjoyment

When you check out online, we will start to custom-build your furniture. There’s no inventory sitting around collecting dust—we really do craft every piece from raw lumber. That’s why from initial order to delivery, the process takes anywhere from 8-14 weeks. The first half of this process is spent making the piece, and the second half is staining, finishing, and curing. Then it’s out for delivery to you.

Furniture becomes an heirloom when it’s properly loved. When furniture is made from high-quality materials as we use at Countryside, all it takes is the occasional dusting and non-wax polish to keep surfaces looking their best. For best care, avoid silicone oils, ammonia-based products, and any direct sunlight, extreme temperature, or humidity changes.

With the right care, the custom dining room furniture of your dreams will be a cherished family gathering spot for generations to come.

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