Space-Saving Dining & Kitchen Tables: Strategies and Top Picks

Finding the right-sized dining table can be a tricky balancing act; get one too big, and it will overwhelm the room and limit walking room to an unpleasant degree. However, purchase one that is too small, and you’ll be asking guests to perch plates on top of ottomans and bar carts.

If you’re struggling to find the happy medium, this article is for you! We’ll explore the different ways dining and kitchen tables can help you save space, as well as strategies to employ when assessing your options.

Save Space With Dining Tables With Leaves

Table leaves come in a full range of designs, as we explore in Amish Extendable Dining Tables With Leaves. However, regardless of whether you choose the breadboard style or the self-storing option, all table leaves grant the option to fit additional guests at a moment’s notice. In turn, this enables you to save space by purchasing a smaller kitchen table, only applying the extra seating capacity when needed. 

Some examples of different types of kitchen tables with space-saving leaves include:

Butterfly Leaves:

Self-Storing Leaves:

Breadboard Leaves:

Drop Leaf Tables:


Tables With Storage Underneath & Kitchen Islands

An unexplored space-saving method a dining or kitchen table could adopt is to incorporate storage capabilities into its base, preventing you from needing one more free-standing cabinet. Most designs balance a hardwood table top on top of a cabinet-base that features a combination of pull-out drawers and enclosed shelving ideal for linens, select serving ware, and miscellaneous goods. 

For many such kitchen tables, this isn’t the only way they’ll help you save space, as some of their table tops accept leaves. For more insights and options, check out our dedicated guide for Dining and Kitchen Tables With Cabinets

Taking this concept one step further with even greater room for storage are solid wood kitchen islands, many of which include leaves as well. While most individuals choose to use the tops for food prep, they can double as a kitchen table alternative. However, remember that tucking stools underneath the top isn’t possible in most cases, meaning that it may save less floor space than you initially may think.

Pull Out Tables - The Ultimate Space-Saving Solution

Can you think of a better space-saving table than one that disappears entirely? Neither can we! With the pull-out dining tables, the table top is tucked away in a buffet or cabinet that provides ample storage for dishes, silverware, and more. In the case of the cabinets, you can even display your china

Examples of pull-out tables that can help you save space include:

Space-Saving Tip for Dining & Kitchen Tables

Choose a rectangular table

As explained in The Complete Guide to Dining Table Seating Capacity, rectangular tables offer the maximum amount of seating compared to rounded designs of similar size. Therefore, you’re able to seat the needed amount of guests while minimizing the needed floor space. 

For example, a 72” long rectangular table seats up to 10 adults (assuming chairs are 24” in width). Comparatively a 72” long oval table would only be able to seat eight individuals.

For kitchens, consider a space-saving breakfast nook

Explored in Solid Wood Breakfast Tables and Nooks - Top Picks, nooks are intended to be tucked in corners with fixed-positioned seating (often benches that can accommodate extra). In turn, you don’t need the added floor space for chairs being pulled out. Further helping you save space, breakfast nook tables and seating often have built-in storage. 

To view the many Amish-crafted options made-to-order, explore our wooden breakfast nooks.

If you seek an extra dining table for rare occasions, consider multi-purpose alternatives

There are many reasons someone would want a space-saving table; perhaps it’s to accommodate a smaller dining space or kitchen, or perhaps you want a piece that can fit the Thanksgiving crowds without consuming too much space during the rest of the year. If you’re the latter, consider getting a second table that provides use 365 days out of the year, but with shifting purposes. What do we mean? 

An occasional table is designed for diverse usage. Place it in the hallway to display plants, position it in the living room to balance trays of hor d’ourves, and then shift it into your dining room when a “child’s table” for Christmas dinner is needed. Rolling kitchen carts can operate similarly; the wheels can lock, providing a stable place for extra guests to eat. 

Ultimately, both examples save you from needing to buy multiple furniture pieces, saving you precious floor space.

Bonus: The Right Dining Chairs Can Help You Save Space

Obviously, no space-saving kitchen table is complete without dining chairs to match! To make the most of your limited area, consider:

  • Purchasing chairs without arms - Most dining chairs offered by Countryside Amish Furniture can be custom-ordered with or without arms (commonly referred to as side chairs). 

  • For rarely-needed seating, buy folding chairs - Don’t mistakenly think all folding chairs are made from cold metal or are uncomfortable. They, too, can come in solid wood and with the option of cushions. Best yet, when you do not need them out, you can save space by folding them up and tucking them into a closet. 

  • Consider purchasing dining benches - Not only do solid wood dining benches bring a unique, modern element to your dining room, but they also encourage friends and family to sit slightly closer to one another, allowing you to fit more bodies around the table. This space-saving option is particularly practical for small kids, as you can squeeze significantly more children onto a bench than if each had their own chair.  

  • Consider purchasing stools - Backless stools and benches both have the ability to be fully tucked under the table when not in use, enabling you to save floor space. What’s more, stools generally have less width than most other seating options. 

For more tips on choosing the ideal seating, read A Guide to Dining Room Chair Styles. Alternatively, if you’re ready to buy a coordinating table-chair combination, check out our solid wood dining sets.

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Author, Baileigh Basham

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