Best Chairs for Round Dining Tables

There are no rigid rules when it comes to selecting chairs for a round table, allowing for creative freedom in design choices. The decision depends on personal preferences, the intended use of the space, and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve. However, the majority of the chairs we showcase for round tables have some elements of curves (some more overt than others), helping to nurture a cohesive look. 

When browsing for chairs for your round table, remember that all of the chairs can be tailored based on wood species, stain, and any upholstery preferences. What’s more, almost all can be purchased with or without side-arms. 

The seats below represent only a small fraction of the designs our Amish craftspeople can make. For broader browsing, visit popular categories including:

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Diamond Upholstered Chair

Kicking off our list of seats that would work well with round tables is the refreshingly modern Diamond Upholstered Chair. The design combines the unique oval back with a splayed leg, comfort-formed seat, and smooth lines, all executed with precision and sturdy solid wood. Plus, the chair’s upholstery is available in both fabric and leather representing a full spectrum of colors and patterns.


Gresham Upholstered Side Chair

Proving that a more angular chair can look stunning paired with a round table is this next entry on the list. However, it’s not completely void of soft curves, as the back legs subtly bend and the straight front legs embrace a round shape, resulting in a tasteful yet intriguing look. Like the example above, the Gresham Upholstered Side Chair is available in both fabric and leather.

Carnesville Upholstered Dining Chair

Curves are incorporated into differing design elements when compared to the previous chair. The beams that connect the seat to the back and bridge the legs feature a gentle curve, lending the chair a contemporary appearance. Pairing this dining chair with a round table will produce pure magic!

Calandre Modern Dining Chair

There’s a lot to appreciate about the Calandre Modern Dining Chair—the sleek solid wood build, the all-around appeal that works with both traditional and contemporary dining rooms . . . but no doubt the standout feature is the back design that embraces soft lines, mimicking a round table’s shape. You can purchase this chair with a solid wood seat or enhanced with upholstery.


Purcell Side Chair

The Purcell Side Chair shows that minimalism can make a grand impact. Designed to maximize support and comfort, the ergonomic curve of the chair’s back and seat echoes the table’s round shape for an overall look that is uniquely compelling and undeniably fresh.


Dunwoody Swivel Counter Stools

Showing the true diversity of the seating available for round tables at Countryside Amish Furniture are these oh-so-cool bar stools. Made to order with either leather, fabric or bare wood, you can choose to include or exclude accent nails (and the specific color) to make these seats truly an extension of your creative self.

Ainsworth Counter Chair

Contrasting shapes can add a bold touch to a dining set, and that's why we consider the Ainsworth Counter Chair a beautiful companion for round tables. The chair features straight, vertical slats that run from bottom to top, creating a striking contrast with the horizontal curves of the round table top. The result is nothing short of visual intrigue! Best of all, this chair can come in two different heights, 24" and 30". 

Woodville Dining Chair

Create a design that seamlessly blends organic wood with splayed metal legs for a one-of-a-kind look for your round table dining set. Not only do you get to determine the specific wood and stain, but also the base’s powder coat coloring, spanning from off-white unicream to silvery anthracite to reddish breccia.

Jolie French Country Chairs 

These French Country seats have a traditional aura but are rich with unique details, starting with the asymmetrical curvy side and dramatic front legs that pop against the contrast of the angular rear set. In fact, you get to choose between two different styles of front legs—turned and French Country—both of which embrace rounded flourishes.


Lockheart Upholstered Chair 

The Lockheart Upholstered Chair showcases an elegant French-inspired design that is poised to captivate both family and guests alike, thanks to its playful mix of textiles and the eye-catching shaping of the legs. Arguably the most customizable of all the chairs offered by Countryside, buyers are greeted with six wood species options and dozens of stains, as well as both fabric and leather upholstery available for both the seat cushion and back. Customers can even select from five distinct nailhead styles, as well as opt whether to include arms. Regardless, the many circular shapes found within the design will make this a great chair for round tables. 


Byhalia Upholstered Kitchen Chair 

The Byhalia Upholstered Kitchen Chair blends modern style with Amish craftsmanship to provide comfort and durability. Its curved design provides ergonomic support and can pair well with a round dining table. Though this chair is shown with fabric upholstery, shoppers can also order this design in luxurious leather!


Arapaho Pass Live Edge Chair 

Live edge furniture is all about embracing the wood’s inherent shape rather than restructuring it into unnaturally crisp lines and corners. The Arapaho Pass Live Edge Chair embodies this concept to a tee, rounding out edges for an organic appearance. We’re of the opinion that its embrace of curves make this modern farmhouse chair the perfect partner to circular and oval dining tables.


Anadarko Upholstered Chair 

Blend the comfort of upholstery with the coolness of metal with this truly unique chair, perfect for pairing with a round dining table to emphasize the furniture set’s overall fluidity. Though quite sturdy, the minimalist base doesn’t interrupt the visual flow of the dining room, helping small spaces feel larger. Best of all, you can choose both the type of upholstery (fabric or leather) as well as the color and pattern.


Braselton Side Chair

Why do we love this particular style of dining chair for round tables? Circular shapes are peppered throughout the Mid-Century design, from the crescent-moon-shaped cutout to the bowed spindle linking the splayed legs. As a bonus, we also offer this chair extended to bar height, making them an ideal option for your round pub table.

Peacock Alley Cage Back Chairs

 Encircle your round table with Peacock Alley Cage Back Chairs, a design inspired by Colonial America that remains as stylish today as it was back then. The chair executes a comfortably curved back using slender, straight spindles, creating gaps that allow the beauty of the circular table to shine through. 

Dubberly Side Chair

The last addition to our list of chairs for round dining tables is the Dubberly Side Chair. Though it offers a simple silhouette, the chair's back features quarter-circles arranged in an elegant pattern crafted in either silver, gold, or black metal. This understated yet unique design adds a touch of sophistication to a variety of round tables.

Why Buy Dining Chairs From Countryside Amish Furniture For Your Round Table

At Countryside Amish Furniture, we've got the ultimate dining chairs waiting for you. Whether you are on the hunt for classic vibes, modern cool, or rustic charm, we've got the perfect match for your taste.

Best of all, you get to play designer. Customize the wood, choose your stain color, pick the fabric, and expert Amish woodworkers will build dining chairs precisely how you request. 

Still on the hunt for a round wooden dining table to accompany your chairs? We offer many comprehensive dining sets with all the pieces your dining room would need.

Author, Baileigh Basham

Bailiegh Basham is Lead Sales & Marketing Strategist at Countryside Amish Furniture. She's been a team member since 2014. Bailiegh is deeply passionate about furniture design and home decor.