Pool Patio Chair and Furniture Ideas

Your pool is more than a deep pit filled with water. It’s an oasis, a place where you can host guests, create family memories, and add a touch of home to your home. Create a well-rounded pool experience with carefully selected furniture.

Keep reading to find pool patio furniture ideas, furnishing tips, and some of our favorite outdoor chairs and pieces.

What to Look for When Choosing Pool Patio Furniture

  • Waterproof textiles - Your lounge chairs and patio furniture will be placed right next to the pool, where large splashes can occur, and wet bodies will want to recline. Therefore, it's more important than ever that your pool patio furniture can withstand moisture. There are various waterproof materials to choose from, such as resin or heavy-duty plastic.

  • Fade-proof colors - Water and sunshine go together like peanut butter and jelly, ketchup and mustard. It’s hard to have a good pool day without some good rays but, what’s good weather for enjoying the water can actually be bad for furniture. The sun's UV rays can cause furniture colors to fade over time by breaking down the pigment molecules in the materials and causing them to lose their vibrancy and richness. Therefore, it’s wise to choose materials purposefully designed to withstand UV rays, such as Sunbrella® Outdoor Fabrics and poly lumber.  

  • Think about shade - As much as the sun can cause colors to fade on furniture, it can also cause our skin to burn. Therefore, it's a good idea to have a source of shade accompanying your pool patio furniture, such as an umbrella. Look for an umbrella that specifically offers built-in UV protection and wind resistance.

  • Plan for visual cohesion - This applies to both color choices and decor themes. Visual consistency enables your pool patio furniture to create an overarching “vibe” that feels purposeful. Disjointed, hodge-podge pieces will feel half-hazard. Thankfully, it’s fairly to achieve visual harmony by buying a comprehensive outdoor furniture set for your pool patio.

  • Keep your color palettes and patterns minimal - Juxtaposing patterns and playing with a variety of colors can work well indoors, but don’t make the mistake of assuming that indoor decor themes can seamlessly transition to the outside. This is because your outdoor space presents more diverse variables, ranging from the water itself to the surrounding nature, sky, and weather. Therefore, opt for simplicity by choosing no more than two colors and one pattern at most for your pool patio furniture ideas. Consider your furniture as the picture frame for your pool's surroundings rather than the star of the show.

Lounge Chair Ideas for Your Pool Patio

Adirondack chairs

The grandfather of all patio lounge chairs, the Adirondack chair presents a surprisingly adaptable aesthetic. 

Present them in natural wood-like tones for a more traditional look, or pick a bold tone (like stark white or refreshing blue) for a contemporary take. The beauty of Amish-crafted Adirondack chairs is that they’re made to order, enabling you to order them with the precise color you need to coordinate with your other pool patio furniture. 

The Adirondack chairs aren't just admired for their good looks; they are strategically angled to provide maximum comfort. To better serve your pool guests, consider purchasing Adirondack chairs that can accommodate multiple people. You can also enhance their experience with matching footrests.

Adirondack chair ideas for your pool patio:

Lounge chairs

The aptly named lounge chair is all about one thing—lounging. And what better way is there to create a relaxing pool patio atmosphere than with furniture that encourages reclining? One of the great advantages of choosing a lounge chair made from resin or poly lumber is that they won't become uncomfortably hot under the sun. Swimmers can go straight from the pool to the chair and quickly dry off, as the slats allow for healthy air flow and water to drip downward. This is a marked contrast to fabric chairs, which tend to retain water and stay damp for a longer period of time.

Lounge chair ideas for your pool patio:

Couches and Loveseats

There’s no denying the appeal of a classic couch, even when perched by the pool patio. They’re comfy and can fit multiple guests or a single person wanting a midday nap. Countryside Amish Furniture provides diverse outdoor couch designs, both with or without cushions. Some also include built-in glider movement.  

Couch ideas for your pool patio:

Want additional ideas for your pool patio and outdoor space? Read Different Kinds of Rocking Chairs and Outdoor Seating Ideas & Chair Types.

Additional Pool Patio Furniture

Outdoor Accent Tables for Poolside Convenience

If you only furnish your pool patio with chairs, the space may feel . . . incomplete. To help bring added convenience and fun to the space, consider complementing your seating with outdoor accent tables. Use these for serving snacks, balancing music speakers, and keeping your phone off the wet ground. 

As should be evident by the wide selection offered by Countryside Amish Furniture, accent tables can represent a full range of styles and sizes. However, when choosing the perfect set of accent tables for your pool patio furniture, keep the following ideas in mind:

  • Your accent tables should either match or be a sharp contrast with your pool patio’s seating, something which you can easily achieve when ordering them together. 

  • It's important to ensure that you and your guests can reach the table's surfaces from your seating without having to strain your arm upwards to grab your drink. If you're opting for loungers or other low furniture, we recommend choosing dual-level tables to ensure maximum convenience.

Other Ideas for Pool Patio Furniture

  • Picnic Tables - Outdoor dining sets come in all sizes and styles, all of which can work well next to your pool. However, if your pool is adjacent to grass, we love the idea of a well-made Amish picnic table. Casual enough for swimming suit-clad guests, picnic tables can accommodate a number of diners. Just make sure to purchase furniture made from poly lumber that won’t splinter or overheat. 

  • Outdoor Serving Bars - Step up your poolside entertainment with a serving station like the Carrabelle Outdoor Bar or Arashi Outdoor Serving Bar, both available in a variety of hues. While they are certainly well-equipped to store your alcohol, their generous shelving can also house snacks and miscellaneous odds-and-ends you may not want to risk getting soaked with pool water. To complete the look of a ritzy poolside bar, purchase outdoor stools for your patio.

Countryside Amish Furniture - Your Destination for Pool Patio Furniture

We are proud to present Amish-made outdoor furniture, designed to suit every type of porch, deck, or garden. Our skilled artisans craft each piece to order, allowing us to bring your exact pool patio furniture ideas to life. Additionally, we blend traditional woodworking techniques, rooted in Amish craftsmanship, with modern, high-end materials, creating the perfect fusion of old and new.

Author, Baileigh Basham

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