Arrange, Design, Inspire: How to Create a Home Office

By Bailiegh Basham · May 29, 2015

Arrange, Design, Inspire: How to Create a Home Office

Create a home office environment that is happy and comfortable.

In some households, the office can be the center of the entire house. If you work from home, this is probably where you store your files, communicate with your clients, and handle all your bookkeeping. Even if you don’t work from home, you may still store your household’s important financial and medical documents.

Although your home office furniture arrangement will largely be decided on the size of the room, taking time to effectively arrange your office furnishings can improve your efficiency and organization.

Choose your ideal desk.
The best place to start is at the part of the office where you spend the most time – your desk. As the centerpiece of your workspace, it is important to find a desk that will exceed all your expectations. The surface area should be the main consideration and you shouldn’t settle for less space than you’ll need to be comfortable. Above all, choose a desk of the appropriate size. A laptop takes much less space than a conventional desktop, and a corner L-desk can provide extra workspace.

The location of your desk within the office space can have a direct impact on the manner and efficiency with which you work, so you want to be comfortable. With so many options available, browse through Countryside’s desk options to find one that speaks to you. Some of our most popular styles include solid wood roll top desks and custom executive desks.

Fulfill your storage needs.
Consider each item you will need easy access to in your home office. Some of these supplies can be stored in your desk drawers, but other storage pieces may be needed as well. In some home offices, a file drawer in the base of the desk may be enough but others require a full-fledged file cabinet. A solid wood filing cabinet can be purchased in a wide variety of options such as vertical or lateral, or 2-drawer, 3-drawer, or 4-drawer.

Consider the office supplies you use most often. If you need to access your file cabinet several times each day, place it where you can open it while still at your desks. If you reference books often, be sure to have a bookshelf organized and handy.

Designate a space in your office for your printer and printing supplies. By using a cabinet or credenza to house your printing supplies, you free up much more space in and on your desk.

Decorate with inspiration.
Complete the look with a few accessories to enhance the room’s décor. Pictures of your family, a world map, a detailed calendar…surround your work area with items that spark inspiration. Arrange your desk by a window if you enjoy natural light, or, invest in a decorative lamp or lighting fixture if you often work after sundown.

{attr:alt}Painting may be the easiest way to completely revitalize any room. For your home office, choose what color will work best for you. If you want a vibrant, high-energy workspace, try a bright color with a semi-gloss finish. If you need a calm workspace, choose a deeper color or a muted, earth-tone for your walls.

Whether you enjoy bold color choices, inventive office furniture placement, or unique accent pieces, your thinking can turn a drab office into a space you enjoy.

Pictured - St. Gallen U-Shaped Desk With Hutch

Author, Baileigh Basham

Bailiegh Basham is Lead Sales & Marketing Strategist at Countryside Amish Furniture. She's been a team member since 2014. Bailiegh is deeply passionate about furniture design and home decor.