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Mary & Mel Stutzman

Mary and Mel Stutzman

After eight and a half years, 972 miles, nine moves, and what felt like five lifetimes, Mel and Mary Stutzman found themselves at home in the Countryside, only a few miles from where they grew up.

As a young Amish boy, Mel was helping in his father’s feed mill before he was big enough to wrangle a feed bag. Instead of hoeing weeds on his family’s farm, Mel invented reasons to sneak into the mill and wait on customers.

By the time he was 10, Mel found his life’s passion: working with people. The secret to his father’s successful business? The best quality and service. Two things he still understands today.

Mel found something even more important than those foundational truths in Stutzman’s Feed Mill. He found Mary.

Mary began working as a bookkeeper for the feed mill. Their young love blossomed into marriage and a successful working relationship.

As a young married couple, Mel and Mary moved to a southern Indiana Amish community. Due to lack of em- ployment, Mel took an entry level job sanding cabinets at a local custom cabinet shop.

The shop’s owner quickly saw Mel’s fine eye for detail and commitment to quality and promoted him. Mel then advanced to the finish room, then eventually quality control, and eventually shop foreman.

Driven to own their own business, Mel and Mary bought a different cabinet shop. Mary had also worked in a cabinet shop before her days at the feed mill, so this business was a perfect fit and a great way to grow their entrepreneurial skills.

Mel and Mary’s commitment to customer service and acceptance of contemporary designs brought their business much success, but it was time for them to return home.

Now more than 20 years later, Mel and Mary still have a successful working relationship. Mary has brilliant business instincts and a tasteful sophistication. You will notice her influence throughout Countryside’s image.

Working in each area of the cabinet industry has been invaluable for Mel. He knows how our heirloom furniture is made and requires a meticulous precision from our craftsmen. He uses his keen eye for detail to ensure that Countryside customers have only the best in fine Amish furniture.

Mary and Mel Stutzman Family

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