Which Bedroom Storage Option is Best for You?

By Bailiegh Basham · June 1, 2020

Which Bedroom Storage Option is Best for You?

Bedroom Furniture Storage Options

Here at Countryside, we have a large selection of options for you to choose from when it comes to storage in your no-closet bedroom. It can be overwhelming trying to decide which of these options will best suit your needs, especially when you’re unsure of what some of them even are. Stress no more, because we have compiled all of the information necessary in order for you to complete your dream bedroom without monopolizing floor space.

Armoires & Jewelry Armoires

An armoire, also known as a wardrobe or chifforobe, is defined as a tall piece of furniture that usually has two doors and that is used to store things, such as clothes or linens. Armoires go back to sometime around the 16th century and are known for their illustrious French style. They are taller than they are wide and usually include drawers and shelves concealed behind doors. They may include a space for hanging clothes as well. Real wood armoires are a great focal piece for any bedroom, but can also function well as a hideaway for your television in a living room or den. Jewelry armoires are tall, smaller versions of a standard armoire. Some jewelry armoires are equipped with a mirror that opens up, revealing hidden storage for your most treasured jewels. 


Hardwood dressers, although similar to Armoires due to their functionality, differ in structure. A dresser has been used in many different ways in the past, including storing dishes and serving food in dining rooms. Today, dressers are generally used in bedrooms to store clothing. They can come in all different shapes and sizes, but are typically wider than they are tall. This makes for an excellent space to mount a mirror above it while still allowing for space on top to store your nighttime essentials or bedroom decor. Dressers do not have doors, but multiple drawers stacked one above another for you to store folded clothes in.

Chest of Drawers

What's the difference between and dresser and chest of drawers? While they may appear similar in both appearance and definition, there is a distinct difference between the two. A solid wood chest of drawers contains vertically stacked drawers with no mirror, while a dresser will have parallel horizontal drawers with a mirror attached (more often than not). A chest of drawers is typically narrower and taller than a dresser, making them similar to an Armoire as well, but without the doors. A specific type of chest of drawers we offer is called a lingerie chest. These popular chests are usually tall and thin and usually contain seven drawers, one for each day. 

Storage Beds

If there’s room under your bed, you can opt to store items here—or you can choose a wood bed with built-in storage. Whether you need a few drawers at the side or foot of the bed, or drawers on the sides and foot of your bed, this is a stylish and practical option for keeping your room organized. Storage beds are great in a master bedroom for easy access to everyday wear, or useful in spare rooms to store seasonal clothes and linens. You can even opt for a bed with built-in shelves for storage. In small spaces these can take the role of your nightstand and hold lamps, picture frames and anything else you might need.

Dressing Chests

When it comes to classic dressing chests, there are no rules. Dressing chests are any combination of the style of a dresser, an armoire, a chest of drawers, a lingerie chest and a vanity. All of our solid wood dressing chests are furnished with a mirror and vary in size and shape. Some of these chests mimic an armoire with its tall stature and combination of drawers and doors. Others are tall variations of dressers, resembling a chest of drawers, with a mirror up top to resemble a vanity and will sometimes have felt-lined drawers to safely house your prized possessions. A few designs even boast a combination of all of these qualities.

Bedroom Sideboards

A sideboard, much like a buffet, is a long, low storage furniture piece that usually stands on short legs. The only thing that distinguishes a sideboard from a buffet, besides the legs, is what room it sits in. If it is placed in the dining room and used to serve food on or store dishes, it is usually called a buffet. If stored in the bedroom as a place to keep clothes or other nighttime knick-knacks, it is often called a sideboard. Bedroom sideboards are a praiseworthy addition to bedrooms, seeing as they can be positioned under a window without losing light and sacrificing space to store your belongings.

Chests and Trunks

This is where it gets tricky. A trunk can be defined as a large suitcase with a hinged lid. Not all have a rounded top, but more often than not, you will find them this way. They usually are affixed with latches of some sort due to its past use as moveable luggage. A Chest is defined as a form of furniture typically of a rectangular structure and a liftable lid for storage. This lid is usually flat and can double as a bench. The words "trunk" and "chest" are used synonymously with each other, making it increasingly difficult to know exactly which one you are looking at. So, whether you want your next bedroom storage option to resemble a ship captain’s treasure or a functional storage bench, search both options and see what you find!