Desks, Dressers and Furniture with Secret Hidden Compartments

By Bailiegh Basham · December 6, 2022

Desks, Dressers and Furniture with Secret Hidden Compartments

Hidden furniture compartments grant you extra peace of mind that your more precious belongings are granted extra protection from wandering hands, whether it be your passport, paperwork, or prized jewelry. Countryside Amish Furniture offers a disguised alcove or drawer in dozens of different desks, dressers, and miscellaneous pieces. What’s more, all furniture is made-to-order, meaning that you can choose the hardwood, stain, and whether to include a suite of offered features (including that secret compartment). 

Explore our hand-picked favorites for office desks and bedroom furniture that offer hidden compartments.

Desks With Hidden Compartments

Each of these desks incorporates a hidden compartment. While the specific location may vary, all disguise the secret drawer by hiding any seaming and excluding any handles. The result is a hidden alcove that offers peak discretion from prying eyes.


{attr:alt}Alcade Executive Desk - Made-to-order with two different size options, this solid wood desk delivers a diverse range of storage (file cabinets, traditional drawers, and a lap drawer). Not immediately obvious to passerbyers will be the desk’s hidden compartment disguised without any handles or telltale markings.



Oswin Computer Desk with Hutch - Give your office a touch of luxury with the exquisitely crafted Oswin Computer Desk. Executed with Mission-inspired restraint are visual details like dental inlays, raised panel doors, and an assortment of eye-catching hardware options. In addition to built-in two file cabinets, internally lit drawers, and dovetailed compartments for miscellaneous goods, this solid wood desk offers a centrally located secret compartment.




Akron Secretary Desk - A lithe alternative to the above, this secretary desk incorporates a lid that conceals the desk’s contents (including letter slots and cubbies). However, even passerbyers familiar with secretary desks won’t suspect that the top lifts to reveal a hidden compartment. Measuring 50"W x 22"D x 54"H, the beauty of this desk is no secret, thanks to its eye-catching panels and selection of beautiful hardware options.



{attr:alt}Professor’s Roll Top Desk - This traditionally styled desk has a secretive hidden compartment residing in the base. Yet this is only one of many cool features about this desk, as it also delivers side pull-outs with CD and magazine racks, built-in file cabinets, pull-out writing boards, and optional add-ons like locks, wire grommets, and knee drawers. Customizable in six different ways, you can make the handsome Professor’s Roll Top Desk the ideal fit for your workspace.




Gardner Roll Top Desk - Professors aren’t the only ones in need of secret alcoves, as students may appreciate them, too. Ideal for youngsters and adults alike, this smaller desk delivers a generous number of features such as open base shelving for books, cubbies, and letter holders. Its smooth silhouette will accommodate both contemporary and traditional decor themes, making it a versatile piece that can continually be used as personal tastes evolve. Best yet, this desk’s pencil drawer is purposefully without a handle, making it the user’s hidden secret. 





Marana Roll Top Desk - The beauty of desks with hidden compartments is that they can be positioned almost anywhere. For instance, the Marana Roll Top Desk doesn’t position the secret compartment in the base, top, or body of the work surface. Instead, it is sandwiched by two other drawers, as shown in the photograph. Someone could search this desk for a full hour without finding your hidden passport, money, or valuables! However, there's more to this desk than its secret compartment; its generous range of features and design elements like ebony in-lays make this Arts and Crafts desk a valuable addition to any home office. 



{attr:alt}Mentor’s Roll Top Desk - Looking for a desk that packs a mighty amount of features (including a secret compartment) without using too much floor space? This desk checks all the boxes. Enhancements include add-on keyboard pullouts, pencil trays, wire grommets, built-in mail slots, and handsome paneling. And where can you find that hidden compartment? The drawer is discretely tucked into the base, ideally sized to hold paperwork, valuable documents, money, jewelry, and anything else you may want to keep secret. 



{attr:alt}Walden Executive Desk - How would one go about describing the Walden Executive Desk? Simple and traditional. However, as you no doubt suspect, there’s more to this desk than what meets the eye, starting with the base’s secret compartment. Choose whether or not to order the desk with handy features such as wire grommets, knee drawers, and locks. Best of all, this desk actually comes in two different widths, 66” and 72”. 



{attr:alt}Hermon Live Edge Roll Top Desk - This piece combines the rustic beauty of live edge furniture with practical design enhancements to deliver the ultimate convenience. This includes the hidden compartment included in the desk’s base and the option of drawer locks for added security.




{attr:alt}Granby Sliding Door Bookcase - This shelving unit is, by no means, a desk. However, as it would be a handsome addition to any office or workspace, we wanted to include it, regardless. Like the desks mentioned above, this stately bookcase offers two secret compartments in its base. Other enhancements include dovetailed storage drawers, a mix of adjustable and fixed shelving, and sliding glass doors.


Other examples of desks with hidden compartments:

The above-mentioned desks represent a tiny fraction of what’s available at Countryside Amish Furniture. We suggest you browse our other solid wood designs, particularly those that allow you to easily seal (and lock) the contents such as roll top desks and secretary desks. Plus, for pieces that offer a full suite of features and a generous workspace, check out our bigger wooden desks.


Dressers & Bedroom Furniture With Hidden Compartments

The most common use of a secret compartment within a dresser is to hide jewelry and similarly precious personal items. Luckily, Amish woodworkers designed the below bedroom furniture all with hidden pockets to accommodate this particular need. 

Rita 3-Drawer Nightstand - 

sharp Don't let the name fool you; the Rita-3 Drawer Nightstand has the option of a fourth compartment hidden under a sliding top. But the felt-lined secret alcove isn't the only reason you'll love this furniture piece. The accent metalwork adds an industrial farmhouse flair to any contemporary bedroom, and its solid construction guarantees years of regular, dependable use. Measures 21 7/8"W x 19"D x 29 7/8"H. 


{attr:alt}Charlemagne Lingerie Chest - A sharp contrast from the previously mentioned nightstand, this traditionally-styled chest disguises a secret felt-lined compartment amongst its trim. Conceal your finest pieces in this elegant chest enhanced with a tastefully decorative base and crown.

This chest is available to be bought individually or as part of a matching 18-piece bedroom set with multiple styles of beds, dressers, shelves, and accessories from which to choose; many of the coordinating bedroom furniture also includes secret compartments, such as the Charlemagne 4-Drawer Nightstand and Charlemagne Vanity.


Abilene Chest of Drawers - At first glance, you’d think this mission-style dresser contained three rows of full-length drawers capped with a top row of half-width drawers. You’d be forgiven for not spotting the hidden felt-lined jewelry drawer due to its lack of a handle; laying flush with the body of the furniture, this secret compartment looks like an ordinary plank. Better yet, the Abilene Chest of Drawers can be sold as part of a greater bedroom set that offers other coordinating furniture pieces that also offer hidden compartments, such as the Abilene 3-Drawer Nightstand

This chest of drawers offers more than just its secret compartment. You’ll appreciate its sturdy construction with mortise & tenon joinery and dovetailed drawers, as well as the option to customize the design of the handles.



Vincennes 8-Drawer Low Dresser - This bedroom chest has it all: an optional beveled mirror, full-extension drawers, and two secret compartments lined with felt hidden in the trim. Each element is executed with the superb craftsmanship for which the Amish are famous, enhanced with soft close undermount drawer slides, decorative feet, and more. As a bonus, you can buy it alongside multiple styles of coordinating beds, chests, sideboards, and blanket trunks.


Mount Juliet Split Jewelry Armoire - Your first thought when looking at this unique furniture piece may be how is it even possible to include a hidden compartment amongst all these drawers. The answer is found in the base, camouflaged as a panel positioned right above the legs. The two-toned Mount Juliet Jewelry Armoire will be built with your favorite hardwood and stain combinations, as well as your choice of velvet colors and style of handles.



Other examples of dressers and bedroom furniture with hidden compartments: 

Keep in mind, the above is just a sampling of the many bedroom furniture pieces that include the option of hidden compartments. To explore additional designs, check out our Amish-made nightstands, solid wood lingerie chests, and wooden dressers.


Living Room & Dining Room Furniture With Hidden Compartments

Guests both invited and uninvited will no doubt step foot into your living room. Keep special belongings hidden with these ingenious furniture pieces that all incorporate secret compartments. 

Hillview 2-Door Curio - Eyes will immediately be drawn to the attractively displayed contents perched on the glass shelves in front of a mirrored back and illuminated with LED touch lighting. No one will suspect that the central molding above the bottom alcove contains a secret compartment.



Brisbane China Cabinet Hutch - This Queen Anne hutch offers glass display shelving, roomy soft-close drawers, and generous cabinets for various kinds of dishware. However, discreetly hidden below is a secret compartment without any hardware to indicate its true purpose. It’s easy to make this dining room piece reflective of your personal style by choosing the specific hardwood and stain, as well as the hardware and whether to include the hutch.


Tahoe 3-Door TV Stand - This Arts and Crafts living room stable provides more than mere good looks; it conceals your media collection behind sliding wood and smoked glass doors along with adjustable shelves. However, as you already suspected, there is more to this TV stand than meets the eye, as it provides two hidden drawers behind its right door.


Ridgecrest 3-Piece Media Wall Unit - Available in four different sizes, this comprehensive unit can satisfy all your living room’s storage needs. Open and glass-doored shelving for attractive displays? Check. Decoratively carved columns and detailed molding? Check. Two secret compartments hidden in the furniture’s sides? Check!


Why Shop With Countryside Amish Furniture?

You surely noticed the diversity of furniture we offer, from desks with hidden compartments to dedicated jewelry armoires. The uniting theme amongst our pieces is that they’re individually crafted by Amish woodworkers based on your precise specifications. This enables you to design and order pieces from the comfort of your home computer with the end result fitting your current decor like a glove. 

Have questions about any of the furniture above, the inclusion of secret compartments, or our ordering process? Contact us using our live chat, email, or phone. 



Author, Baileigh Basham

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