Solid Wood Dining Benches - Page 3

Paraway Reclaimed Bench

Paraway Dining Bench

Coulter Pub Bench

Gastonia Dining Bench

Cullman Bench

Gridley Kitchen Bench

Displayed in white oak, this versatile bench will bring Mission elegance to your dining room or entryway. Available in three sizes and with 1” seat top.

Arcata Dining Bench

Monclova Entryway Bench

The Monclova Entryway Bench can add Mission elegance to nearly any room of the house. Pictured in quartersawn white oak, the bench comes in multiple hardwoods.

Golden Gate Bench

Ricci Dining Bench

Old Saybrook Bench

King Cove Reclaimed Bench

Juneau Reclaimed Bench

Crenshaw Reclaimed Bench

Friars Point Farm Bench

Bernice Reclaimed Bench

Gonzales Reclaimed Bench