Our Favorite Online Stores for Amish Products

By Bailiegh Basham · July 5, 2023

Our Favorite Online Stores for Amish Products

The Amish are well-known for their unparalleled worth ethic, hand craftsmanship, and high-quality standards, resulting in goods that are both unique and top caliber. The good news is that you can order various genuine, Amish-made products online to be shipped to your home. We’ve compiled some of our favorite Amish online stores, all of which are authentic and highly reviewed. 

Our Picks for Amish-Made Quilts Available Online

Quilts are a traditional American staple, and arguably no one does it better than the Amish. Each of these online stores below features hand-stitched quilts that showcase exceptional craftsmanship and artistry through the use of eye-catching colors, intricate patterns, and top-tier fabrics. These quilts are worthy of hanging from the wall, draping over your sofa, or spreading across a handmade Amish bed. Best of all, each of these stores ship directly to your home.

Nancy’s Corner

Shipping from the heart of Amish Country to your home, these 100% cotton quilts come in a full range of colors and aesthetics. You’ll find traditional patterns like Log Cabin quilts, as well as fun variations and more unique looks. Best of all, there’s an affordable $60 flat shipping rate. 

As one reviewer says “What a beautiful piece of workmanship. I absolutely love my quilt.  I especially love it because of the size, it totally covers my bed and I can easily wrap up in it without my husband and I having to fight to stay covered.   When I am ready for another quilt, you can believe I will return to this shop.”


Helping Hands Quilt Shop

Another top-tier Amish online store specializing in quilts is Helping Hands Quilt Shop based out of Berlin, Ohio. Carrying on a tradition first established in 1974, this online vendor sells quilts of all sizes, as well as pillowcases, decorative hand towels, fabrics, and even kits and books for shoppers wanting to try a hand at quilting, themselves. Best yet, you can even reach out to request a custom, made-to-order quilt. 


Our Pick for Amish-Made Furniture Available Online

The Amish are celebrated furniture-makers for their impeccable woodworking and painstaking patience, hand-crafting each piece. Some online vendors try to piggyback off of the Amish’s established reputation, misleadingly using the term Amish to describe the aesthetic of the furniture. Therefore, it’s important to look into any online Amish furniture store to confirm their authenticity and integrity.

Countryside Amish Furniture

There are actually advantages to ordering custom-made Amish furniture online, starting with the fact that you’ll have thousands of designs at your fingertips rather than whatever is present within a brick-and-mortar store. Plus, you save yourself a long trip to Amish Country and aren’t limited to browsing during traditional store hours. 


So why order from Countryside Amish Furniture? We make it easy to customize existing designs with options for the wood species, stain, and an array of special features. Have special requests? Our team will gladly discuss these further and recommend how we can best serve your vision. Read our reviews, and one common theme you’ll see is that customers love the ease of having our delivery crew bring the pieces directly to their homes and the professionalism with which they set up the Amish furniture exactly as the online shoppers desire.


Our artisans execute your requested specs using carefully scrutinized timber and time-tested techniques, ultimately producing pieces that are as stunning as they are sturdy. 

To learn more, read What Goes Into the Cost of Amish Furniture and Why It’s Worth the Expense or visit our reviews page

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Our Pick for Amish-Made Toys Available Online


Why do we like this particular online Amish store? It’s rooted in passion! Raised Amish, founder Larry Kauffman first began crafting toys as a hobby, one that he was lucky enough to eventually turn into his primary focus. His enthusiasm for the craft is reflected in the toys themselves. Visit his site, and you’ll find everything from board games to Berlin Flyer Kid's Wagons, all conveniently available to ship straight to your home.


Our Pick for Amish-Made Baskets Available Online


AmishBaskets.com presents a splendid assortment of handcrafted baskets, skillfully woven by the Old Order Amish families. These remarkable creations come in a delightful range of designs, including those shaped like birdhouses, wine racks, jewelry boxes, and even side tables. You can even order online Amish baskets custom-made to fit your needed measurements precisely. 

Though an Amish-made basket is a wonderful gift on its own, this online vendor has a variety of gift baskets to give recipients that little something extra, such as goat milk soap and jams. 

Our tip? Browse this Amish online store to discover all that can be executed through the art of basket weaving!


Our Pick for Amish Leatherworked Products

Yoder Leather Company

In Indiana, a community of Amish leather workers joined forces with non-Amish workers, and lo and behold, an online store showcasing exquisite Amish leather products was born! Yoder Leather Company sells a generous range of made-to-order belts, wallets, clip holsters, and bags, some of which you can monogram. They even accept custom orders and will work closely with you to perfect the design of your Amish-made products. Enjoy free shipping on all orders over $50.00.


Amish Leather Works

Located in Indiana, this Amish online store proudly presents a wide assortment of handmade leather goods, ensuring there's something for everyone. Perhaps you're a horse rider needing tack or a beekeeper searching for belts and pouches. Or maybe you seek the perfect gift, whether it be a knife holster, guitar strap, or handsome leather cuff. Regardless, Amish Leather Works is likely to have it! 

One thing to note is that this particular Amish online store accepts exchanges (with the exception of custom products). 


Our Pick for Amish Baked Goods

The 200 Acres

Warning, if you visit this next online Amish store, you’ll be salivating as your stomach rumbles. The good news is that all the deliciousness you see from The 200 Acres—from angel food cake to cinnamon rolls to crinkle cookies to a variety of treats boxes—is available to ship straight from their Amish ovens to your home.

The 200 Acres pays homage to both its 1859 homesteader roots and its home in rural Arthur Illinois, offering customers handmade Amish baked goods. The results are non-processed, fresh breads and desserts that make the perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself). 


Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop

From 1972 to today, Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop remains family-operated. Also not changing? Many of the Amish baked goods recipes—why fix what isn’t broken (and downright delicious). They offer a sweet assortment of whoopie pies, sticky buns, cakes, and breads, as well as bulk and canned goods. 

Chomping at the bit to order online? Call them for details. 



Old World Amish

 Shop online at Old World Amish, and you’ll enjoy a plethora of Amish-made goods spanning from quilts to buttery popcorn toppings. However, what really caught our eye (and made our stomachs grumble) are their fresh baked goods. Enjoy classic Amish desserts like Amish wedding cookies and brown sugar cookies, and oatmeal scotchies. And cut yourself a generous slice of Amish-made bread with options including those made from white or wheat flour, as well as sweet varieties like banana nut bread. 

Old World Amish is the online arm of Grabill Country Sales, a bulk food store located in Northeast Indiana within the very heart of Amish Country. This small business comes from a tight partnership between Amish and English community members, enabling them to ship authentic, high-quality Amish goods directly to your doorstep.


Our Pick for Amish-Made Snacks

Arndt's Fudgery

It’s all in the name of Arndt’s Furdgery! Established in 1913, this online store’s Amish-made fudge flavors range from classics like rocky road and peppermint to unique options such as pumpkin nut and Irish cream. They even offer reduced sugar fudge for those with dietary restrictions. In addition to fudge, Arndt's Fudgery sells online various Amish-made goods like honey, jams, mustards, peanut brittle, and salsa. 


Goot Essa

The online Amish business, Goot Essa, derives its name from the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect, meaning "good food," a commitment they strongly uphold. They adhere to time-honored Amish methods throughout their production process, encompassing the cultivation of crops to feed their cows and goats, as well as the meticulous crafting of their diverse cheese varieties. Explore their online store to acquire an assortment of delectable hard and soft cheeses, alongside tempting fudge and jams. Goot Essa also provides exquisitely designed gift packaging and baskets, enabling individuals to share the exceptional flavors of their Amish-inspired products with loved ones.

Goot Essa isn’t the only online Amish store to sell cheese. However, when you account for its 4.9-star-average reviews on Google and Facebook, it’s arguably one of the best! 



Mt. Pleasant Produce

To quote their site: We are Amish Farmers who have come together to bring you the best of our crops and home made products! This online store ships such mouthwatering delights as sweetened apple butter, blue cheese, pure raw honey, homemade bacon, and iconic Amish baked goods straight to your door.


Our Pick for Amish-Produced Meat and Cheese Products

Amish Foods

Rooted in Amish Country, the Kiefer family partners with local vendors to provide customers with top-tier food products that they guarantee will be shipped with the “Delicious At Your Door” promise. You won’t find any pre-packaged foods in this online store, as the products are sliced by hand before being vacuum-sealed or wrapped tightly in plastic specifically for your order. 

So what sort of Amish-made goods can you buy from their online store? For starters, Amish Roll Butter slow-churned for supreme creaminess and taste, as well as a broad assortment of Amish-made cheeses. Meat lovers will be in heaven with this online store’s selection of jerky, smoked sweet bologna, smoked bacon, and more.


Other Amish Products That Ship to Your Home

Amish Pleasures 

Visit this online store for Amish goods galore! Products span from pet feeders to wagons, and piggy banks to birdhouses. While the owner, Richard, is not Amish, he works closely with Amish suppliers to source authentically crafted goods and ship them throughout the United States.


Have Suggestions for More Amish Online Stores?

While we’ve listed some of our top picks for Amish online stores that ship, we know this list is by no means complete! Nominate your favorite digital Amish shop by emailing us at rachel@countrysideamish.com and telling us what makes this vendor so unique. 

Author, Baileigh Basham

Bailiegh Basham is Lead Sales & Marketing Strategist at Countryside Amish Furniture. She's been a team member since 2014. Bailiegh is deeply passionate about furniture design and home decor.