Cherry Wood Kitchen & Dining Room Furniture

Shop Amish-made solid Cherry dining sets, tables and furniture

With its signature glow and beautiful coloring, solid Cherry wood is a staple hardwood used in kitchens and dining rooms across America. Browse an assortment of cherry dining sets, tables, and furniture, all featuring this innately stunning wood. Leave it natural or choose from over 30 different cherry wood stains at Countryside.

Cherry Wood Dining Room Sets

Do you know you want solid wood dining furniture but don’t know where to start? Let us bring your vision to life with this curated collection of our best cherry wood dining sets. These collections feature tables of varying sizes and an assortment of accompanying pieces, enabling you to pick and choose the cherry furniture your space needs. These dining sets offer three guarentees—they'll look great in cherry wood, effortlessly coordinate, and provide the quality that comes from Amish woodworking.

  • What makes cherry wood ideally suited for dining tables and furniture?

    No one wood is objectively better than all others for your dining room. However, cherry wood’s underpinning reddish colors can enliven the space and make your dining room feel more inviting (comparatively, cooler tones risk feeling withdrawn). Moreover, it’s strong enough to withstand the regular going-ons of a bustling dining room. 


    Cherry wood works well in modern dining table sets but is also a staple of select traditional styles. For example, if you want to bring Queen Anne elegance to your home, cherry wood would be the most appropriate wood with which to pay homage to this bygone era. 

  • What if I want to mix cherry wood with non-cherry dining furniture?

    Mixing wood species can be both challenging and rewarding. When done correctly, combining multiple stains or species can yield a dynamic, multi-layered look that feels truly unique to your home. While we recommend reading To Mix or Match? A Guide to Choosing Wood Stains That Go Together for more detailed tips, know that cherry wood generally pairs well with other “fine grain” species, such as maple, birch, or mahogany. So go for it—seat brown maple chairs around a cherry dining table!

  • What sets “Rustic Cherry” apart from non-rustic cherry?

    Certain dining tables and furniture sets offer the option of rustic cherry amongst the potential hardwoods. This means that the wood is less refined, instead exhibiting the various knots, streaks, and shading variations that make the resulting dining set feel truly one of a kind. Plus, rustic cherry is generally more affordable than other cherry options. 

  • What are popular stain choices for cherry dining sets and furniture?

    When shopping with Countryside Amish Furniture, you get to choose your preferred stain on top of the hardwood, itself. Visit our Cherry stains page, and you’ll see 48+ different colors. Popular options for cherry dining tables and sets include Burnished Honey, Salted Caramel, Spiced Apple, and Au Naturel, all which exhibit cherry wood’s inherent warmth. 

    The good news is that you don’t have to decide the specific stain for your cherry wood dining table right away. Place your order and request up to four different color samples for you to view from the convenience of home. 

    Want to color-match your new cherry table with your existing dining hutch and chairs? Send us photos, and we’ll make recommendations on which stains to consider. 

  • Are the tables, sets, and dining furniture shown here available in other woods besides cherry?

    Almost all Countryside Amish Furniture dining tables and furniture are offered in multiple wood species, many of which include cherry. The pieces and sets we include on our designated Cherry pages were handpicked based on how they’re currently displayed (and we think they look particularly fetching in this warm-tinted hardwood).