Banquette Seating FAQs - Dimensions, Tables and More

When we hear the word banquet, images of grand halls and royalty may fill our minds. But, when banquet seating is used in relation to the home, it takes on a very different meaning, referring to a dining furniture arrangement in which at least one side has long benches with high backs positioned against a wall.



This setup promotes a cozy, communal atmosphere that can strategically accommodate an extra diner or two. What’s more, the combination of benches and chairs can create an intriguing, multi-layered aesthetic. If you’re eager to begin assembling your own banquet seating, below are links to help you get started:

Solid wood kitchen tables | Extra large dining tables | Breakfast nooks | Trestle tables

Alternatively, keep reading to learn more about banquet seating dimensions, various styles, and general purchasing tips.

Banquet Seating – Finding the Right Dimensions

When seeking the ideal dimensions for your banquet seating, there are two factors to consider: the size and shape of the room and the needed seating capacity. Some general guidelines to help you choose the optimal dimensions for your banquet seating setup: 

  • The height and depth of banquet seating should mimic those of ordinary chairs - Chairs’ dimensions are carefully calculated for maximum comfort, so why not use their measurements for your bench? Typically, chairs are 16” - 18” tall and 18” - 24” deep. If adding thicker cushions or pillows, consider going for a bench measuring closer to 24” than 18”. 

  • For the cleanest aesthetic, the length of the bench and table should match. 

  • Generally, the table should be positioned so that 3-4” of the tabletop overlaps with the diner’s legs - If you're unsure, it's better to give people more space than less. Otherwise, your banquet seating might feel crowded and hard to get into.

Tips for Finding the Ideal Table and Chairs for Banquet Seating

When Shopping for Tables . . .

  • Opt for rectangular or square tables that match the dimensions of the banquet seating - This enables you to maximize usage, as seated guests will all be equal distances from the tabletop for easy access. 
  • If getting a table with expanding leaves, consider how the setup would be when the table is expanded - Firstly, consider whether you'd like your banquet seating to accommodate the length of the table when the leaves are attached or stored away (most people would choose the latter). Additionally, assess whether the configuration of the banquet seating would prevent you from adding leaves, which may be the case if the benches wrap on multiple sides. In this scenario, a solid-top table may be the best use of your budget. 
  • Legs lacking legs affixed to the corners allow more essential leg room for coming and going from the banquet seating - Below, we display trestle style and pedestal tables for your consideration. While we’re a big fan of leg tables, the positioning of the legs may semi-obstruct sliding into the banquet seating.

When Shopping for Chairs . . .

  • Opt for chairs with low profiles and thinner frames - This lets the banquet seating be the star rather than tucked away or forced to compete with visually heavy pieces. 

  • Make sure the chairs have similar height dimensions as your banquet seating - While we recommend selecting banquet seating heights that align with the average chair heights, it's essential not to automatically assume that your specific chairs conform to these measurements. Take the time to confirm that they share a similar stature, ensuring that diners are at eye level with one another.

  • Either choose chairs that match or strategically contrast - If you have two wood stains that are somewhat similar, the difference in colors may appear unintentional. Fortunately, Countryside Amish Furniture simplifies the process of finding stains that seamlessly match your overall set. We not only provide free samples sent to your home but can also offer suggestions or customize the chair's wood species for a perfect match. On the other hand, if you prefer embracing diverse materials and colors, the chairs can serve as vibrant accents. However, it's crucial to ensure that other design elements coordinate to avoid an overall busy or random aesthetic.

FAQs About Banquet Seating

Countryside Amish Furniture does not build banquet seating (with the exception of breakfast nooks) but specializes in crafting high-quality tables and chairs using solid wood, empowering you to beautifully complete your one-of-a-kind dining setup.

While both banquet seating and breakfast nooks involve creating cozy and communal dining spaces, the two terms cannot be used interchangeably. Breakfast nooks are positioned almost exclusively in corners and have high-backed benches on a minimum of two sides. Comparatively, the setup of banquet seating doesn’t necessarily need to be in the corner or have multiple sides served with benches.

While we love banquet seating, it may not be for everyone. For example, depending on your setup, you may not be able to add table-extending leaves to both sides. Similarly, if you need to reposition the furniture for any reason, you’ll find the task much more cumbersome. What’s more, banquet seating tends to not provide the same inherent ergonomic support as individual chairs, especially if the benches are DIY. And, lastly, the act of sliding across the bench may be impractical for anyone with mobility issues.

If you purchase your banquet seating benches from Countryside Amish Furniture, the answer is yes! Browse the various benches we offer, find your inspiration, and then reach out to our team via chat to discuss the ideal length for your particular space.

In order to maximize use, the answer is yes, for most homeowners. This is because the wall behind the banquet seating bench is most likely a straight line, meaning that the bench will be straight as well. The curved shape of a circle or oval table will mean that diners sitting at the ends of the bench will struggle to reach the tabletop. 

However, rules are meant to be broken. If table accessibility isn’t a top priority for you, combining a circular table with the straight lines of banquet seating can create a wonderfully unique visual, even if it’s not the most practical.

Complete Your Banquet Seating With the Help of Countryside Amish Furniture

While we don’t build custom banquet seating, Countryside Amish Furniture has the accompanying furniture you need to make your dining room spectacular. Our Amish woodworkers can tailor one of our hundreds of table and chair designs to fit seamlessly with your banquet seating, a process we discuss more in our Design Center. From letting you choose the wood species and color to fulfilling custom dimensions requests, we go above and beyond to help you execute your vision.


Author, Baileigh Basham

Bailiegh Basham is Lead Sales & Marketing Strategist at Countryside Amish Furniture. She's been a team member since 2014. Bailiegh is deeply passionate about furniture design and home decor.