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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Countryside offer stain matching?

The short answer is: YES.

Below is everything you need to know before obtaining a stain match.

  1. Determine if you need to match. Browse our stain selection in your chosen hardwood and see if any samples are even close to your existing pieces. When you place your order, we will send you up to four real wood samples for you to compare to your existing furniture. Samples usually arrive within 3-5 business days of your order and you may find exactly what you seek with our standard stains. If not, we may request a representative sample from you in order to create a custom stain. 
  2. Consider the pieces of furniture involved. If you are matching dining chairs to an antique table, you are a good candidate for a stain match. If, however, you are matching a chest of drawers to a headboard that will likely never be in close proximity to one another, you may want to avoid the time and money required to go through the stain matching process.
  3. Let us know you will require stain matching for your solid wood furniture as soon as you know. The longer we delay the matching process, the longer your finished product will take.
  4. In order to match your stain, we need an exemplar. It is not sufficient to find a stain you like at your local home improvement store and tell us the name. Everything from the thickness applied to the time the stain is left in place can impact how the stain actually looks on a piece of wood. Send us a piece of your chosen wood species that has been stained in the color you are requesting. We will replicate the stain depth of your sample and our finishing shop will complete your furniture to that depth. A picture of a stain is also insufficient as lighting and pixel depths vary dramatically.
  5. Matching stains is not as simple as it would seem considering the age of the wood you may be attempting to match and the new lumber with which our shop is working. Some woods, like Oak, yellow a bit with time and Cherry notoriously reddens during the first year. We are extremely careful with our stain matching process, but we cannot guarantee that in 5 years our new wood will not have aged to a slight variation of the color on your older pieces. Our catalyzed conversion varnish, however, will remain clear and will not yellow.
  6. Stain matching takes time. You can expect the stain matching process to add 2-4 weeks to your timeline. Typically, 12 weeks is enough between order and delivery. Adding the stain match may take your lead time to 16 weeks or more depending on how quickly the exemplar arrives, etc.
  7. There is an additional charge for stain matching. This process adds steps to the completion of your furniture and, therefore, adds costs for which we have not accounted in our standard pricing. 

At Countryside, we want your handmade Amish furniture to be in your family for generations. We encourage you to have it as you like it. Stain matching is available for just this reason. Countryside is your home for authentic, custom Amish furniture from the heart of Amish Country.