Standard Height vs. Counter Height vs. Bar Height Amish Dining Tables

By Bailiegh Basham · December 6, 2021

Standard Height vs. Counter Height vs. Bar Height Amish Dining Tables

What is the Difference Between a Standard, Counter Height, and Bar Height Dining Table?

Table height is an important factor to consider when designing your new Amish dining set, entertainment space, or business seating layout. Standard, counter, and bar height tables have unique physical dimensions and seating requirements that make them suitable for various events and spaces. While the most popular is our 30” high standard dining room tables, counter and bar tables are more appropriate for other areas.

The proper chair or stool height coordinates with the proportions of the table, to ensure guests have enough leg room. Chair or stool height is measured from the floor to the top of the seat.  When selecting dining room chairs or bar stools to complete your table, we recommend allowing a comfortable 8-12” between the top of the seat and the bottom of the skirting. Also, position the chairs and stools about 24” apart from each other to avoid overcrowding.


Standard Dining Room Tables


Countryside’s standard dining room tables measure 30” tall. Standard height tables are more common and available in several more styles, sizes, and even hardwood types. Most people prefer these tables as they are more comfortable sitting around because their feet can easily touch the floor. While dining chairs vary in size, most wood seats measure 17-18” high, while upholstered seats are 19-20” tall. Another benefit of standard dining height tables and chairs is that they are handicap-accessible.

Counter Height Tables


Our kitchen counter height tables stand 36” tall. Probably the same height as your kitchen bar or island countertop, these tables are casual and allow you to converse with others in the room. Sticking with the same height for your kitchen island and table offers a harmonious work surface or ideal buffet space. Guests may also feel more comfortable socializing around counter height tables since there is less distinct height difference between people sitting and standing. They can fit in small spaces, breakfast nooks, or entertaining spaces with ease. Pair a 24” bar counter height chair or counter stool with your Amish made table.

Bar Height Tables


Bar height tables are otherwise known as pub, gathering, or standing tables. They are named as such because they are commonly found in bars and restaurants. Standing at 42” tall, they are perfect for entertaining guests at home since those seated remain very close to eye level with those standing. Bar tables typically have a smaller footprint than traditional kitchen tables.

We recommend using our tallest 30” seat pub chairs or stools with your pub  height table. Bar height stools with armrests provide some added comfort. Armless bar stools allow for easy access to the table and don’t take up very much space. Backless stools take up even less space, as they easily slide under the table.

How Do I Choose the Best Height?

Consider how you will be using your dining and entertaining space. Counter height tables and chairs are great for relaxing and enjoying a casual gathering, whereas bar height tables and stools are better suited for the traditional bar look and feel. Plus, the raised height can help conceal the clutter on a tabletop. If you choose a tall bar height table, it can also act as a type of room divider; separating guests from your work area. However, keep in mind that standard dining height is the most accessible for all guests to reach, including children. And at the end of the day, you may find it most comfortable for your feet to rest easily on the floor. 

While tables can have different shapes, styles, and sizes, the height of our dining, counter, or bar tables is consistent. Shop the categories below to get started  on your one of a kind collection:

Standard Dining Tables | Dining Room Chairs

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