Painted Amish Furniture

By Bailiegh Basham · February 13, 2016

Painted Amish Furniture

Can Amish Furniture Be Painted?

Today’s Amish furniture buyer has numerous options when it comes to fine furniture finish. Stains, stains with glazes, distressing, white washing, distressing, and yes, paint. These options allow for items to be customized to meet a particular design style while still offering solid wood construction and authentic craftsmanship.

The most common hardwood used for darker stains and painting is known as Brown Maple. This wood is not typically stained in light colors but is best suited for a dark stain or painting due to the smooth nature of its surface texture. Brown Maple comes from the center of a tree and tends to offer variations in color.

If you are curious about our paint offerings, view our Brown Maple Wood Finishes online. 

While nearly any of our solid wood Amish furniture items can be painted, here are some products pictured with a painted finish: