Murphy Beds at Countryside

By Kara Harris · April 13, 2015

Murphy Beds at Countryside

Wall Beds for your Basement & Home Office

Wall Beds are an innovative and stylish solution for entertaining guests without sacificing floor space in your guest room or home office. While the Chardonnay Wall Bed is great for a small guest room, the Brussels Wall Bed with desk is most ideal for a luxurious home office. 

The Park Central Wall Bed - combing wall bed and entertainment center - would serve your home's finished basement or den and is perfect for family get-togethers, holidays or sleepovers.

All of our wall beds are constructed with either a Piston Lift Mechanism or a Spring Lift Mechanism. 

Piston Lift Mechanism
• Powered by a gas cylinder with few moving parts.
• Requires less space to use than any other lift mechanism.
• Attaches to the wall with no floor mounting.
• Completely contained within the cabinet, and once set requires no adjustments.
• Locking mechanism prevents accidental bed lowering and locks bed in cabinet when closed.
• Counter-balanced; designed for daily use. The piston is not subject to metal fatigue or failure.
• Accommodates a standard 10” pillow top mattress.

Spring Lift Mechanism
• Consists of several individual coils, requiring less space compared to older spring-drive systems.
• Attaches to wall with no floor mounting.
• Compact self-contained spring chambers integrate into cabinet; once properly installed, require no adjustment.
• Static force holds the bed in the up position.
• High carbon steel springs eliminate spring fatigue.
• Requires adding or elimination springs to balance the unit for the weight of the mattress.
• Accommodates a standard 10” pillow top mattress.

The following video features the opening and closing of our Van Buren Wall Bed which includes a floating desk.

Using the front pulls, the man releases the wall bed and lowers the metal base support. Notice the desk – topped with coffee mug, computer and books – remains level as the desk is lowered.

After the wall bed has been completely lowered, the bed is effortlessly returned to its previous position. Again, the floating desk remains level and its contents are not disturbed.

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