Queen Anne Furniture - Styling and Buying Tips

Queen Anne Furniture Guide

Considered “modern” in the 18th Century, Queen Anne furniture brought Baroque-inspired flair, versatility, comfort, and overall lightness, especially compared to its weightier design predecessors like William and Mary. Excess lavishness was toned down in favor of subtle curves and flourishes, adding newfound practicality. 

Though named after a United Kingdom queen, the style amassed fans across North America and much of Europe, heavily influencing Colonial style furniture. Though more modern themes welcomed simplicity and straight lines, Queen Anne style furniture continues to be in demand for those homeowners who want a design with a little extra oomph. 

We encourage you to explore examples of Queen Anne Hutches, Queen Anne living room furniture, Queen Anne dining chairs, and Queen Anne bedroom furniture, all made with solid North American wood by authentic Amish craftsmen.

Telltale Signs of Queen Anne Style Furniture

Luckily, it's easy enough to have the iconic Queen Anne furniture style in your home, even when purchasing newly-made pieces. Characteristics to seek out include:

  • Decorative curves - The silhouette or add-on elements will have some sort of undulation, a significant contrast to the ever-popular Mission furniture design. With Queen Anne furniture, you’ll see very few sharp corners and straight lines. This is particularly common within the legs and the padded feet, creating a look known as “cabriole legs.”
  • Broad but delicate features overall - An ornate, scrolling crown molding is quite typical as are carved details throughout the fine furniture. Embellishments on many Queen Anne pieces include simple fan and shell carvings (often found on cabinet fronts and on the knees of chair legs).
  • Decorative chair backs with a slight curve for comfort - You won’t find straight-laced spindles on a Queen Anne chair. Backs embrace flourish (such as the fiddle silhouette seen below) while also conforming to the sitter for added support. 
  • Solid wood - As is true for most traditional styles, Queen Anne furniture utilizes quality hardwoods. Most popular today, a rich Cherry hardwood is coveted for its elegant style and the signature aging process. Cherry wood is often stained very dark to be dramatic, royal, and timeless.
  • Upholstery - With an increasing emphasis on comfort, the Queen Anne design period made upholstered seating more prevalent. Upholstery sets a bold contrast and adds to the upscale, dressed-up feeling of the furniture.
  • Decorative hardware - When it comes to Queen Anne hutches, desks, and drawers, expect high-end knobs and handles with embellished shapes. Queen Anne furnishings often utilize a brass hardware finish, and back plating or ring pulls are commonly used.

Recommended Wood Species for Queen Anne Furniture

When it comes to decorating your own home, your personal preferences should reign. However, if you want to keep the traditional spirit of Queen Anne furniture, we suggest choosing Cherry, Walnut, or Maple in a rich finish.

Tips for Making Queen Anne Furniture Look Modern

While most Queen Anne furniture shoppers want to embrace the class of yesteryears, there’s also the desire to make the pieces appear fresh (and, dare we say, modern). Blend Queen Anne style with the 21st Century with the following decor tips:

Delight in the formalities and start hosting grandiose dinner parties with the Beverley Dining Set, perfectly designed in timeless Queen Anne style.

Key Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Dentil molding & crown pediment
  • Scrolling cabriole legs
  • 3 1/2" wide carved skirting
  • Optional expansion table leaves
  • Dovetailed soft close drawers
  • Custom hardwood & finishes
  • Wood, fabric or leather seats
  • Amish handmade in the USA

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Embrace Bold Colors and Patterns

This can be done in multiple ways, such as pairing a Queen Anne dining table with chairs upholstered with a playful pattern. Other ways include table runners, rugs, curtains, or centerpieces. Similarly, if you want to make your Queen Anne Furniture pop in the bedroom, pair it with modern blankets, comforters, and pillows. 

The Queen Anne furniture itself can be stained a modern hue. Examples of contemporary colors offered by Countryside Amish Furniture include Classic Lace, Harbor Side, Santorini, Forest Black, and Midnight Slate (see below).

Surround With Live Plants or Alternative Artwork

In the case of a dining room table, your choice of centerpiece will set the tone for how the rest of the room is perceived. Though charming, options like dried flowers, candles, baskets, and antique vases will emphasize the traditional elements of the table. Comparatively, live plants and modern art pieces will make the Queen Anne style feel more contemporary.

Contrast Queen Anne Furniture With Modernly Styled Accompaniments

When opposite influences are perfected with purpose, one of the pieces can pop as a focal point. So why not mix your Queen Anne coffee table with modern couches or mix an end table with a contemporary-styled lamp? 

The key is to pull from no more than two design influences and to be mindful of where you want to draw the eye. In the scenario of the end table and the lamp, you’d want the Queen Anne piece to have a more subdued stain while the lamp to have a more attention-grabbing aesthetic. Without a chosen star, the two contrasting styles may come across as muddied or visually competing.

Why Buy Queen Anne Style Furniture From Countryside Amish Furniture

During the 1700s, furniture was not mass-produced using knock-off materials. Instead, artisans assembled each piece one at a time relying upon genuine hardwoods. Keep these traditions alive with your Queen Anne style furniture by shopping with Countryside Amish Furniture. 

We make it easy to personalize the perfect piece for your home. Simply choose the Queen Anne piece (or set) you want, choose the hardwood and finish, and select from various related features. We then place your design in the hands of highly skilled Amish woodworkers who will bring your Queen Anne furniture to life. 

Straight from our USA-based workshops to your home, our Queen Anne furniture will look elegant and serve your family for generations to come.