Safe Shopping

By Holly Rennels · September 19, 2012

Safe Shopping

How to Buy Amish Furniture Online

When you purchase 100% Handcrafted Amish Furniture from Countryside, you can rest assured that you are shopping with a real company. Large purchases over the internet can be scary, but we are here to ensure you have a wonderful shopping experience in every sense of the word. Let us explain who we are, what we do, and why you should be shopping with Countryside. Be wary of online "Amish" companies whose location and ownership you cannot verify. A number of such businesses are merely distributors of goods made elsewhere. For additional tips, read Where to Buy Real Solid Wood Online

What do we mean by "fine"?

Not all of our furniture is fancy, but every single piece is fine. We mean that it is made of the best domestic hardwoods and built by the most experienced craftsmen in the business. From Oak to Walnut, Mission to Queen Anne, your furniture from Countryside will definitely be fine. We want your family to enjoy your Countryside Amish Furniture for generations.

What do we mean by "handcrafted"?

We are not an Amish furniture factory. In fact, for those in the Amish community, no such thing as a "factory" exists. Our workshops do have assembly lines of sorts, but your fine furniture from Countryside will be made of hand-selected wood. This hardwood is then hand-hewn, turned, or planed into the proper shape. It is hand sanded in our finishing shop where the stain is then hand rubbed to a consistent depth of color. Depending on the piece in question, your handcrafted fine furniture is then hand assembled or hand wrapped in preparation for delivery to your home or place of business. All fine furniture from Countryside is handmade.

What do we mean by "Amish"?

Not everyone who works at Countryside is Amish. If we were, our religious beliefs would prohibit our use of computers and our fine furniture would not be displayed in an online gallery. All of our woodcrafters, finishers, and shop foremen, however, are Amish. Each piece of fine furniture we sell is handmade by an individual of Amish faith and family. A great many of our delivery team and even the owner of Countryside Amish Furniture are former members of the church who speak the Dutch dialect associated with this community. Our close association with the Amish here in Arthur, Illinois has forged an unusual and mutually beneficial bond that allows fine furniture of exceptional quality to reach a broader audience without impacting the integrity of those who build it.

What do we mean by "Furniture"?

We offer items for dining room, office, bedroom, living room, and nursery. Our furnishings do not include gun cabinets, kitchen cabinets, quilt racks, or novelty items often associated with storefronts frequented by tourists. Every drawer we build is dovetailed, every apron attachment is mortise and tenon, and every moving part is the very best available. By limiting our offerings to furniture and not accessories, we can maintain the highest standards for quality and integrity.

What do we mean by "solid wood"

We mean SOLID wood. We use no particle board, no fillers, no pressboard, no cardboard, and no plastic of any kind. Only the occasional hutch back or drawer bottom is even plywood and that accommodation is only made for weight and durability. There are times and places when a solid birch plywood is the best material for the job. Be careful of terms like "all wood" and "real wood" as those can be misleading. These phrases do not mean solid wood. All Countryside Amish Furniture is solid American hardwood responsibly harvested using sustainable forestry practices in the USA. All our furniture is also made in the USA, by virtue of the fact that it is all built here by our local Amish communities.

What happens to my credit card information?

Our website and shopping cart are 100% secure. We manually process all transactions to guarantee discounts, shipping rates, and promotions have been properly addressed. Your card is billed for 50% of the total when we give your order to the shop and the other 50% when the finishing shop lets us know it is complete and ready for us to schedule shipping. By processing payments in this way, we limit your card's exposure to potential hackers, malware, and other risks. Once your balance is paid, we completely eliminate your card information from our system. No erroneous charges will ever appear on your credit card statement. 

Shopping with Countryside Amish Furniture is safe because we are who we say we are. We look forward to welcoming you to our family of customers so that you can discover our fine furniture is precisely what we say it is: 100% handcrafted, heirloom quality, solid wood furniture from the Heart of Amish Country. 

Author, Baileigh Basham

Bailiegh Basham is Lead Sales & Marketing Strategist at Countryside Amish Furniture. She's been a team member since 2014. Bailiegh is deeply passionate about furniture design and home decor.