Law Office Desks, Furniture and Decor Ideas

In this piece, we'll provide practical ideas for striking the right tone with your modern law office decor and inspire you with suggestions for the all-important solid wood desk that every lawyer deserves.

Interior design is not a discipline that you learn in law school. But don't worry - making smart decor decisions to convey both poise and relatability within your law office doesn't require seven more years of schooling. In this piece, we'll provide practical ideas for striking the right tone with your law office decor and inspire you with suggestions for the all-important solid wood desk that every lawyer deserves.

Every Decor Piece Should Serve a Purpose

Visual clutter is the enemy. It emits a chaotic feel that can make you uneasy and subtly conveys unprofessionalism unbecoming of a law office. While we often think of "clutter" in relation to papers strewn across a desk, it can also apply to your office's decor itself.

No decorative touch in your law office should feel accidental or careless. To achieve this, ask yourself:


  • What functional accessories can you upgrade for a polished aesthetic? We all want to add personality to our workspace, but to avoid crowding the environment, think about what type of office items you would need regardless, that you can switch out for an aesthetically pleasing alternative. These can be anything from wall clocks and pen holders to desk lamps. Just avoid any functional accessories that could be considered "cute." 

  • What message does each small touch convey to clients and colleagues? Depending on the nature of your law work, you may regularly interact with clients and collaborators within the confines of your office. Therefore, try to view your cultivated space through their eyes. A framed picture of your family may make you relatable, and plants are proven to help with focus and may "liven up" the buttoned-up office environment. But that random globe sitting in the corner? If you can't swiftly explain a reason why it helps you or visitors, consider giving it and similar decorative accessories a new home outside of your law office. As noted by Marcus Fernandez of KFB Law, “Think about your brand and values: Use the decor to showcase your professionalism, integrity, and commitment to your clients. This can manifest through a consistent color scheme, high-quality furniture, and tasteful artwork.”

  • Does the accessory in question enhance the space and stay consistent? Just because you like a snow globe you bought on your last trip to Paris doesn't mean it necessarily "works" within your law office decor. Think of your design aesthetic as a tool for setting "the right" mood. Pick a style voice and try to stick to it when choosing decor details, both large and small.
  • Do I like traditional decor or do I prefer a modern law office look? There's a lot to love about traditional decor, and plenty of elements that can make it feel timeless rather than dated. However, it's simply not for everyone. If you find yourself drawn to modern law office furniture, don't hold back. Just don't use "contemporary design" as an excuse for inappropriate patterns and colors or subpar materials and build. 

Keep Your Desktop Almost Entirely Clear With the Help of Concealed Storage

We all know that lawyer who has a paper tray overflowing with piles upon piles of notes. The good news is that thoughtfully planned organization and the right storage solutions can prevent this chaotic eyesore. Ideas for pieces that can help in cleaning up your law office decor include:

  • Solid wood law office desks with built-in solutions - The law office right desk can nearly eliminate the need for other storage units. If this solution sounds appealing, seek out lawyer desks with built-in file cabinets, various drawer sizes, and an overhead hutch.

  • File cabinets - News flash, file cabinets don’t have to be metal. Wood versions will be cohesive with your law office desk and the overall decor theme. 

  • Bookcases - Not every shelf of your bookcase has to be "open," exposing the contents. Think about what you would want to store on this unit and find the bookshelf that strikes the right balance between "display" versus "conceal."

  • Credenzas - Credenzas can serve as a "catch-all" for your miscellaneous storage needs, whether they are binders or drinkware for when you offer a colleague a drink.

For the most cohesive law office decor, it's a good idea to buy your various pieces from comprehensive furniture sets. To find inspiration and start your browsing, check out our Amish-crafted wooden office furniture sets fit for any lawyer.

Your Law Office Desk is the Star, But Don’t De-Value Seating

Your law office desk will be the first decor element people notice about your office, and it is so important that we have dedicated an entire section to exploring various styles. However, your choice of chairs is nearly as important. After all, comfortable seating is a silent way of extending a warm welcome to guests and helping them enter the right mindset, especially when compared to uncomfortable seating. Additionally, you will be sitting in your law office chair for hours upon hours. Failure to invest in adequate seating can jeopardize your posture and ability to concentrate.

Therefore, when finding a chair for your law office, seek one with adjustable height, luxury-level upholstery, and ergonomic design. To find ideas for Amish-made seating, check out our wooden office chairs with wheels.

Additional Ideas When Choosing Your Office Decor

The right lighting has the ability to energize and lift spirits

It shouldn't be news that, as a lawyer, you may find yourself occasionally working beyond the traditional 9-5 hours. Therefore, don't rely too heavily on natural light streaming through your window to illuminate the space. Create a well-lit environment conducive to productivity no matter the time of day or night with the following:

  • Softer, warm lighting will be gentler on tired eyes (and minds) than harsh, cooler lighting. However, dim the space too much, and you may find yourself drifting off to sleep. 

  • Vary your lighting options by combining task lighting (like a lamp) with larger freestanding fixtures or ceiling lighting. This enables you to adjust and balance lighting as needed.

  • Don’t only think about your personal lighting needs, but also those of any guests that may sit at different angles than yourself.


How you can accomodate your electronics and visually minimize wires

Consider your electronics when positioning your law office desk and searching for furniture ideas. Kim Chan, founder of DocPro, emphasized “I incorporated cable management solutions to maintain a clean and organized workspace. Additionally, I ensured convenient access to power outlets and allocated ample desk space to accommodate computers, monitors, and other devices.”

What may clash with visitors’ or colleagues’ tastes or sensibilities

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For example, taxidermy may appeal to some, but it can frighten others. Boho chic may feel on-trend to its fans, but it could come across as unprofessional to dissenters. While these examples may feel extreme, the takeaway holds true: play it safe when planning your law office decor.

This applies to your choice of colors, patterns, and imagery. Additionally, when choosing between “the hottest trend” versus “traditional decor,” it's a good idea invest in the latter as its appeal will be more universal and long-lasting.

Office Desks for Lawyers - Our Top Picks

When you combine solid North American wood with Amish craftsmanship, any resulting desk is worthy of a law office. However, we handpicked the pieces below based on the authority and poise they convey. As is true for all Countryside Amish Furniture designs, these law office desks can be made with the hardwood and stain of your choice. What’s more, many of these are part of comprehensive office sets, making it easy to execute a cohesive decor theme.

When you think of a "lawyer's desk," this is probably what comes to mind. It's rich with wood-carved details, from the paneling to the subtle columns that line the desk and hutch. But its thoughtful details extend beyond its appearance to include a keyboard drawer, CPU cabinet storage, and options for wire grommets and drawer locks.

What's more, its U-shaped silhouette enables you to have a client-facing desktop, as well as a surface set up for your independent work.

This desk is worthy of any lawyer's office and can be customized in SEVEN different ways. You can choose whether it has a left or right turn, whether to include or exclude the hutch, and decorative elements like the stain and hardware. The end result is a statement-making law office desk that provides ample working surfaces and storage needs.

Key Features

  • Solid wood construction
  • Full extension slides
  • Dovetailed drawers
  • Lock-out keyboard drawer
  • CPU cabinet storage
  • Amish handmade to order
  • Custom hardwood & finish

Price: $10040

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This modern lawyer’s desk is available in widths of 60” and 72”. Regardless of the size, it features deep storage options, including two file cabinets, as well as helpful enhancements like pencil drawers.

It can be purchased as part of a complete office set, providing a lawyer with all the matching furniture they need. You can choose from multiple styles of file cabinets and bookshelves, and even a modern display cabinet.

Key Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Two desk sizes available
  • Pencil drawer in knee space
  • Two letter-size file drawers
  • Client overhang & inset front panel
  • Clipped top front corners
  • Custom hardwood & finish
  • Amish handmade in the USA

Price: $4671

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The desk is a fantastic choice for lawyers who don’t anticipate many in-office visitors, perhaps because they have a separate meeting space with a conference table. Ideally positioned against a wall, the hutch provides generous storage options without consuming too much floor space. Lawyers will appreciate the desk’s diverse organizational features, such as letter slots, pencil drawers, file drawers, writing boards, and adjustable glass shelves behind seeded glass doors illuminated by touch lighting.

Key Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Seedy glass doors with mullions
  • Three adjustable glass shelves
  • Touch controlled hutch lighting
  • Open letter slots in hutch
  • Dovetailed full extension drawers
  • Soft close undermount slides
  • Pencil drawer in knee space
  • Two letter-size file drawers
  • Two writing board pullouts
  • Custom hardwood & finish
  • Catalyzed conversion varnish
  • Amish handmade in the USA

Price: $6798

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When a desk incorporates words like “luxury” and “executive” into its name, you know it’s promising big things. This solid wood desk won’t disappoint, as it delivers dramatic crown molding, corbels, and paneling to your law office’s decor. For further flourish, you can customize the desktop to be either solid wood, incorporate a leather inlay, or feature granite or glass. Other optional desk enhancements that lawyers will love include wire grommets, locks, and knee space drawers.

Key Features

  • Amish handcrafted in the USA
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Optional leather, glass, or granite top
  • Full extension slides
  • Finished raised panel back
  • Two letter-sized file drawers
  • Four storage drawers
  • Pencil drawer or keyboard pullout
  • Custom hardwood & finish

Price: $7595

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Add simple sophistication to your law office decor with this generously sized desk in mission style. It meets all the requirements of a lawyer with compartments for letters, a pencil drawer, keyboard pull-outs, and deep drawers for files and other items.

You can customize this desk by selecting the direction of the return, the specific hardwood, stain, and hardware. If you like the base but don't need a hutch, you can order this lawyer-friendly desk without the added top fixture.

Key Features

  • Solid wood construction
  • Keyboard pullout on return
  • Letter size hanging file
  • Dovetailed pencil drawer
  • Three puck lights in hutch
  • Wooden writing pullouts
  • Finished back on desk
  • Wire access hole in desktop
  • Adjustable wooden shelves
  • Handcrafted in the USA

Price: $9505

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Although traditional in style, this wooden desk has all the modern enhancements a lawyer may need, from wire grommets to keep electronics tidy to knee drawer options for keyboards or pencils. While it exudes old-world charm with its detailed fluting, clipped corners, and carved paneling, you can give it a contemporary flourish with an optional glass top. Beautiful from every angle, this desk can sit squarely centered in a lawyer’s office to anchor the decor.

Key Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Dovetailed storage drawers
  • Full extension side-mount slides
  • Optional keyboard pullout
  • Raised panel finished back
  • Two writing board pullouts
  • Custom hardwood & finish
  • Amish handmade in the USA

Price: $5353

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We proudly wrap up our list with the ideal desk for a lawyer’s office. Not convinced? Its subtle wood carving walks the line between tradition and modern, providing universal appeal. Plus, it has every desk feature a lawyer could possibly desire: an open hutch shelf lit with touch-control LED lights; opaque cabinets and drawers to accommodate various filing and storage needs; a fully extending keyboard deck; and three separate work surfaces.

You can purchase this desk by itself or as part of a set to complete your law office’s decor. Accompanying pieces can include multiple styles of bookcases and file cabinets.

Key Features

  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Two dovetailed file drawers
  • Soft close undermount slides
  • Lighting system in hutch
  • 3/4" waterfall top
  • Full extension keyboard deck
  • Custom wood, stain, & hardware
  • Amish handmade in the USA

Price: $13703

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Shop for Lawyers’ Desks and Office Decor With Countryside Amish Furniture

We have made every stage of ordering custom wood office furniture as easy as possible. Browse our broad range of designs to find the perfect desk, cabinet, or bookshelf. If you have any questions or requests for customization beyond what we list on the product page, use the live chat to contact us to discuss your ideas for your law office furniture. 

Once you place your order, our team will confirm the details and provide regular updates as our Amish craftspeople get to work transforming your choice of lumber into your dream lawyer’s desk. Upon completion, we will deliver it directly to the address of your choice, transforming your office decor with elegantly crafted, solid wood desks and furniture.

Not sure where to begin browsing? Find law office decor ideas in the following categories: 

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