Hickory Furniture: Built to Last for Generations

By Bailiegh Basham · June 19, 2015

Hickory Furniture: Built to Last for Generations

Benefits of Hickory Fine Furniture

As home and business owners continue to expand their décor options, Hickory is becoming more popular in fine, handcrafted furniture. While contemporary design schemes have included hickory cabinets and floors for years, furniture is now making its way.

Aside from Hickory being the wood of choice for many contemporary homes, the hardwood also works well if you love rustic themes. Our Hickory Amish furniture can be created in various shapes, sizes, and in your choice of stains.

Design Benefits:

Hickory has attractive grain markings. If you have an appreciation for variation in hardwood furniture, you may consider Hickory for your next purchase. The wood has a variety of colors, from white to golden brown with occasionally deeper gray and black streaks.

While stains and finishes add variability to all types of wood, Hickory has a more unique and outspoken appearance. Hickory furniture pieces are gorgeous enough without being painted over, and natural or stained Hickory wood makes for the best pieces.


Practicality Benefits:
While the look of the hickory chairs is beautiful, it's the quality of wood that is far more fascinating. Famous for its durability, Hickory is the densest hardwood in North America. Not only is it extremely hard, but it’s resilient, strong, and has more flex. Since Hickory is one of the hardest wood species, it’s no wonder it’s been the premiere species for cabinetry, tools, and flooring for years.

From a furniture crafting perspective, hickory can be challenging to work with due to its density and strength, so it’s necessary to rely on someone who is experienced in woodworking, such as our Amish craftsmen, for the best possible results.

Browse our online gallery where we offer a great selection of furniture pieces that can be handcrafted in Hickory.