Sleigh Beds

Graceful, Elegant Bedroom Focal Points

Inspired in the 19th century by the smooth curves of a horse-drawn carriage, sleigh beds quickly found favor with European and Napoleon aristocrats. In the United States, they made their home in the deep south, and today they bring a warm air of hospitality to any bedroom. For a modern spin on the classic sleigh bed, let us handcraft yours in Brown Maple with a dark contemporary finish.

Louis Phillipe Euro Bed Louis Phillipe Euro Bed

Handcrafted by our Amish artisans, the Louis Phillipe Euro Bed will escort you on your journey to blissful and luxurious sleep.

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Crossan Sleigh Bed Crossan Sleigh Bed

Begin crafting your evening oasis with our Crossan Sleigh Bed.

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Amish Redmond Wellington Solid Wood Sleigh Bed Amish Redmond Wellington Solid Wood Sleigh Bed

Eliminating all particle board and veneer, all of our furniture is built only out of the finest solid woods on the market. Our experienced woodworkers hand-pick and hand-finish each piece of wood that goes into producing your furniture.

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Amish Victoria’s Tradition Sleigh Bed Amish Victoria’s Tradition Sleigh Bed

The Amish love to make elegant, solid wood Panel beds for your bedroom. The quality and value of this Amish Victoria's Tradition panel bed is unsurpassed by anything you will find in your local stores.

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Journey’s End Sleigh Bed Journey’s End Sleigh Bed

Life's a journey, not a destination, so take a nightly retreat from your journeys in this lovely raised panel sleigh bed.

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Amish Elegant River Bend Sleigh Bed Amish Elegant River Bend Sleigh Bed

If you love elegant, handcrafted Amish solid wood furniture, then you will love this Amish Elegant river Bend sleigh bed. The unique looks of this handcrafted Amish bed will perfectly compliment any bedroom.

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Amish Bridge Bay River Sleigh Bed Amish Bridge Bay River Sleigh Bed

The Amish solid wood River Sleigh bed is a classic handcrafted bed designed just for you by the Amish. Beautiful solid wood slats create a unique look to compliment your Amish Bridge Bay bedroom suite.

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