Roll Top Desks version 2.0 - our solid wood office desks have been upgraded for the computer age. Skillfully crafted by the Amish, there's nothing "beta" about our larger rolltops designed to conceal laptops. From traditional to modern mission, the toughest part of your executive decision will be which style of roll top desk will look best in your home office?

Consultant’s Roll Top Desk

Renowned for their beauty and function, your new roll top can be identified by it's traditional, intricate design.

Replicator’s Roll Top Desk

It won't cure procrastination, but it will take away some excuses. Most notably, the excuse that there wasn't enough space to study.

Scribe’s Roll Top Desk

Solid wood raised panels and a signature tambour lid promise years of smooth operation with our Scribe's Roll Top Desk.

Novelist’s Roll Top Desk

Dovetailed drawers, full extension slides, and solid wood tambour are all designed to bring high functionality, longevity, and ease of use.

Professor’s Roll Top Desk

Providing you with storage and function while you work, our Professor's Roll Top Desk will add ageless beauty to any home office.

Montgomery Secretary Desk

A distinctive piece known for its gentle, flowing lines, our rolltop secretary desk provides both elegance and functionality in any room.

Transcriptionist’s Roll Top Desk

Superior quality in craftsmanship is evident with a highly durable workspace that is both beautiful and functional.

Publisher’s Roll Top Desk

A vintage appeal of a publisher's desk meets modern technology, resulting in a perfect fit for your home or office.

Clerk’s Roll Top Desk

Days of mail correspondence are slipping away, but our Clerk's Roll Top Desk is a timeless classic that's as functional as ever.

Receptionist’s Roll Top Desk

This charming single pedestal Roll Top welcomes guests to your home or clients to your office.