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A hutch above and an expansion table below is what you discover in our Pullout Console Tables with Hutch which are handcrafted of solid wood.

Flanders Hutch Island Table

It is an Amish china cabinet with an expanding table. Seat up to eight and hold the wares with which to serve them in our Flanders Hutch Island Table.

Flanders Kitchen Island Table

Our Flanders Kitchen Island Table works in room center as a bar table, when it is not expanded, or against the wall as a buffet without the overhang.

Everett Pullout Console Table with Hutch

Solid wood construction and the ingenuity of the Amish bring you the Everett Pullout Console Table with Hutch, featuring expandable seating for ten.

Alcott Pullout Console Table With Hutch

A multi-functional dream come true for small spaces. Our Amish Alcott Pullout Console Table With Hutch expands into a hardwood dining table when needed.

Chinaski Pullout Console Table

Our Chinaski Pullout Console Table is the perfect addition to your minimalist apartment or small home as it seats five or six when fully extended.

Flintt Pullout Console Table with Hutch

When you only need seating for large groups on occasion, you need our Amish Flintt Pullout Console Table with Hutch, which self-stores extension leaves.

Rosales Kitchen Island Table

Accomplish tea for two everyday with our Rosales Kitchen Island Table which also expands to a 90" length to serve dinner to eight or more as needed.

Tabbs Creek Island Table

You need to seat 10 on occasion, but normally a bar table for 2 will do. You need our Tabbs Creek Island Table with self-contained expansion leaves.