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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the dimensions for your Amish furniture?

In the image above, see the big black arrow. On every single product page, there are three tabs: Overview (details of the piece of funiture); Features (a bullet list of important details); and Dimensions (measurements and diagrams). If you click this tab, you will be directed to dimensions. A sample of dimensions and how to interpret them follows.


In the dimension drop down of a dining or kitchen table, you will see something like the image above. This means that the table will be either 42 inches or 48 inches wide and 60, 66, or 72 inches long before any expansion leaves are added. Leaves will not alter the width of a dining table, but each leaf will add 12" or one foot to the length. Example: a 48" x 72" table with 3-12" leaves inserted will measure 48" x 108".

Dimensions for non-dining tables will also follow this pattern as will backless benches.


Dining chairs offer the dimension reference above. Arm chairs, obviously, have arms and are wider. This measurement is usually the total width of the chair at the outside of the arm. On the side chair, it is the widest point of the chair. The 'D' measurement is the depth. This is the distance from the front of the seat to the back. The final dimension offered is the overall height of the chair. Floor to seat dimensions of standard dining chairs are between 17" and 18"H.

Benches, couches, and barstools are measured in precisely the same way with one exception. On occasion, bar stool dimensions will include a floor to seat height of either 24" or 30" and a back height that varies. Adding the two together will give you the overall height of the bar stool.

China Cabinets and Hutches

Hutches and China Cabinets are often available in multiple sizes. The depth and height are typically consistent. Depth is measured from the furthest point of the cabinet forward to the wall. The width of the hutch is how much wall space is required for the piece. Widths vary based on the number of doors when more than one size is available. Also, our china cabinets are a buffet base with hutch. If you want the base only, those dimensions are also listed. The overall dimensions include base and hutch top together. Buffets, sideboards, pantries,  wine cabinets, curios, credenzas, chests of drawers, bookcases, entertainment centers and most case goods are measured in this way.

Home and Executive Desks

The image above is the most complicated set of desk dimensions you will find at Countryside. The "return" is the section of the L desk or corner desk in question and the left and right returns are not always identical in length. Depth on a desk is the dimension from where one is seated to the furthest point across the desk. Desk height, of course, is the full floor to desk top dimension. When available, all large pieces will include a dimensional drawing to better communicate the complete dimensions of the desk or hutch. See the image below where the diagram has been enlarged.



At Countryside, we offer nearly every bed in four sizes. Width and length of the overall bed are listed first in the image above. The height of head and footboards are included later as those do not change relative to the other dimensions.



Baby crib dimensions can be complex, and in this example an enlargeable diagram accompanies the dimensions for clarification. In our dimensions, depth is the distance between the front and back of the crib. Width, then, is the distance from one side rail to the other. Height is measured to the tallest point of the entire bed. When possible, dimensions of the converted full size beds are also included for convertible cribs.

Toy Boxes and Chests

Dimensions for chest style furnishings are typically the exterior, overall measurements. When possible, we also include the interior dimensions, but we have not yet taken interior measurements of every item we offer.

Hopefully, you now have a full understanding of dimensions in our fine, authentic Amish furniture.