Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open a butterfly leaf table properly?

  1. ​Pull table apart (it may be sticky for the first few times)
  2. Take hold of the leaf (both halves)
  3. Swing up out of table
  4. Flip open the leaf skirts
  5. Unfold the other half
  6. Line up pins and close table

Thanks to geared, equalized slides, butterfly leaf tables are easy to open. When you are ready to extend the table, just pull on one end and a gap will widen in the middle where the leaf can be opened into place. Pull the butterfly leaf slightly out to one side and then up; the leaf should swing naturally out and up. Once the leaf is completely out from under the table, open the butterfly leaf (the two halves should open like butterfly wings and flatten). Lastly, slide the end of the table back into place, toward the center of the table to create one large. Cohesive tabletop.