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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize my piece?

Built-to-order by Countryside Amish Furniture

Because all of Countryside's Amish furniture is built to order, there are enormous opportunities to create custom furnishings for your home or office.We frequently get this question relative to "customized" furniture. Here at Countryside Amish Furniture, our expert craftsmen are capable of almost anything. We do, however, want to put forward a few tips related to custom furnishings.

Who should customize?

Many of our custom pieces originate with a person of exceptional stature, i.e. several inches over six feet tall or under five feet tall. Some have spacial requirements due to an extra small space or one that is oversized. Still others see items on our site they wish they could combine, i.e. the base of one table and the top from another. On occasion, we even encounter individuals who have a picture from a magazine or old family photo featuring an item they wish to replicate. We can accomodate many of these situations.

What does customize mean at Countryside?

Without exception, all our furniture is built to order, so in some sense every piece is "customized" to your specific preferences. We will do our best to accomodate your requests so long as the structural integrity and longevity of our furniture is not in jeopardy. Some requests involve changes that will not result in a piece of furniture that lives up to our standards and therefore, we must decline to build it. In the event you require adjustments that are not part of our standard options menu, there will be an upcharge for customization. This varies by item and severity of the change, but we welcome you to use our live chat or e-mail for an official quote.

When can I expect to know if you can customize for me?

We make every effort to get you an answer within 24 hours. There are times, however, when the shop foreman will pose additional questions and the process may take several days. Once the parameters are established, however, work on your piece will begin immediately. Custom pieces rarely take longer than the 12 weeks we allow for all of our made-to-order furniture.

Where can I see my custom furniture?

On occasion we receive requests for images documenting the progress of a particular item. Unfortunately, cameras are strictly prohibited in our workshop and finishing shop. This is both out of respect for the Amish faith of our artisans as well as for proprietary purposes. Your custom furniture will be delivered to your home or place of business.

Why should I customize?

In most cases, you actually should not attempt to "customize" furniture beyond the options available on our site when you "create your piece". Barring the circumstances previously stated, most of our customers are not well suited to the "back and forth" required for true customization.

How can I customize?

If you find you are in need of an item substantially different than what we have online, follow these simple steps to begin the process.

  1. Whenever possible, begin with an existing item. Locate the closest possible option from our site so that we have a foundation from which to begin. This helps us "see" your vision in the final piece and will assist us in identifying style specifics, etc. Even if pieces of two or three items are appealing to you, make note of those for a starting place.
  2. Let us know why you need to customize. By understanding the purpose of the alteration, i.e. space, your height, etc. we can better suggest improvements as necessary.
  3. Choose your wood species. In order to produce an accurate quote, your chosen hardwood is necessary.
  4. Make us aware of any "extras" you wish to include. This may be a specialty glass, or a silverware insert, or arms on a chair. The more specific you can be, the better.
  5. Provide the dimensions of both the piece you envision as well as the space in which the piece will go. This will help us determine if crown moulding should be reduced, or if an overhang needs to be eliminated, etc.
  6. A picture is worth a thousand words. Even when you begin with an item online from Countryside, forward any images you may have that will help us understand your custom piece better.
  7. Provide us a picture from a magazine or any photo you may have of a custom piece you want us to build. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us no matter what your custom Amish furniture needs. Countryside has built everything from bookcases to conference tables to executive desks to dining tables to kingsize beds in this way and we are happy to assist.

Your Vision, Our Passion.