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Wow! Beautiful solid wood furniture

Wow! Beautiful solid wood furniture

Dear Mel, Your shipment arrived yesterday. Wow! I just wanted to let you know how beautiful the bookcases and barstools are...and I say this, as someone who is enormously fussy with huge expectations. My husband, Ken, is a woodworker (among many other amazing things he does) and together, we often find it difficult to agree on quality merchandise. Frequently, Ken has had to build our furniture because we just can't find the right pieces and the right quality. I tell you this, just to let you know, how wonderful our study is with "your" desks and bookcases. We are both, so very pleased. Thank you for your terrific craftsmanship! We look forward to living with it and enjoying it for many, many years.

Thank you,

L. Kaushansky
Eatons Neck, NY