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What Is Your Furniture and Decorating Personality?

What Is Your Furniture and Decorating Personality?

Finding the perfect solid wood furniture for home and business

Furniture styles and design trends are quite fluid in the 21st century. When purchasing heirloom quality furniture, therefore, it can be quite daunting to find that perfect blend between timeless and trendy. Step one is to determine what you actually need and want from your furniture. Then, once you determine your furniture personality, you can decide if a piece or two of fine furniture can update your decor or if you are in need of a complete home makeover. Wherever you are on this spectrum, Countryside is happy to assist.

We will attempt to help you determine your taste, style, and preferences to help you better design your home furnishings.

Is your taste formal?

Check out three looks below and choose your favorite.

If you chose the first picture, you are decidedly formal. Our Queen Victoria Dining Room Set is in the Queen Anne Style, Cherry wood, and dark, traditional finish. The light upholstery sets a bold contrast and adds to the upscale, dressed up feeling of this room scene.

Image number 2 is our French Country Style Westminster collection. Blending pastorale hues and distressing with Traditional curving legs and ladder back chairs allows this elegant room to become whatever you prefer in the moment. Not too fussy for sloppy joes, it is just elegant enough to host a bridal shower or wine and cheese tasting. You are likely semi-formal in taste.

Finally, if you need to bring the outdoors in, you want a casual home like that pictured in our Cape Anne Dining group. You are the person who says, "we live in our house". Utility, durability, and function are the primary drivers of your purchasing decision.

No matter which of these tastes strikes you for the project at hand, Countryside's expert Amish craftsmen can build it to order and build it to last. Keep reading to see what decorating style speaks to you. Remember, furniture styles are not always "pure" and the design inspiration trendy at the moment may come with terminology that differs from the industry standard.

Are you Arts & Crafts?

Also called Craftsman style, here we define Arts & Crafts by the geometric patterns, cut outs, use of leaded glass, and metals that are common to the style. As pictured, our Annapolis Office Set features Quartersawn White Oak and a lot of squares. Some designers lump Mission and Craftsman styles together,  but we draw a bit of distinction. This furniture style usually works well for those with semi-formal or casual taste.

Are you Traditional?

Turned legs and medium to dark woods are what tend to define Traditional for us. Bow back chairs and light solid Oak furniture also fit the bill. You might have Traditional style if you have semi-formal taste and love the red wall behind our Church Hill living room tables.

Are you Mission?


Our Castle Rock Bedroom Suite features flush drawers, a warm Burnished Honey stain, and Walnut inlays. Mission style is simple, straight, and easy. You might have Mission style if you have casual taste.

Are you Shaker?

Our Peaceful Dreams Nursery Set beautifully captures Shaker style. Nothing fancy, just strong, straight lines, flat panels, flush drawers and easy form and function. Remarkably, if you are drawn to this style, you may have formal, semi-formal, or casual taste. Shaker is one of the most versatile styles as the wood species and stain selection determine the ultimate presentation of this solid wood furniture style.

Are you Queen Anne?

Our Elmhurst canopy bed collection is grand. Often, Queen Anne furniture is made in Cherry with a very dark stain to be dramatic, royal, and timeless. If you are formal, you may be drawn to this regal style.

Are you Contemporary?

Above, our Melody Dining Room Furniture Set is one definition of Contemporary. Shown in Brown Maple with an almost black stain, this set is dramatic, but able to complete any room regardless of the color. The versatility of this minimalist design is extraordinary. 

Below, our Arapaho Pass Live Edge Set represents a Contemporary look that is very on-trend. Bringing the outdoors in with an imperfect edge and distressing on each piece, but retaining the elegant simplicity of the otherwise straight line is a second Modern look.

Are you Eclectic or Transitional?

Pictured above is our Alexandria Bedroom Set. Eclectic style has traditionally been seen as "mixing" things or taking pieces that don't "match" but they "go". This might mean using a Shaker table with a Traditional Chair and a Modern wine cabinet, but having them all built in the same wood and stained in various shades of a similar hue. Eclectic designers might also use randomly selected pieces and mix the woods or colors uniting all pieces with a shape or detail. To learn more about eclectic style, click here.

Transitional style is growing in popularity for the versatility it offers without the randomness some see in Eclectic design. Above, our Alexandria bedroom transcends any one style and can become whatever you envision. An ornate headboard could almost be considered Queen Anne. Bun feet, fluted corners and inset panel drawers suggest a Traditional or Early American design. Flat panel sides and a modest moulding could be interpreted as Shaker, while the two-tone stain and dark Brown Maple statement evoke Contemporary feelings. The impure, yet expertly included details from several furniture styles makes this set Transitional.

Now that you have identified your taste and style preferences, you will be better equipped to tack on trends in a practical way. Layer in pieces and colors that are chic from Industrial, Shabby, or Wilderness inspirations to be very of the moment. Remember, the only wrong way to furnish your home is to buy pieces that do not suit your family and lifestyle. Keep coming back to our blog for tips and trends.