Taking Care of Solid Wood Tables

By Bailiegh Basham · September 11, 2014

Taking Care of Solid Wood Tables

Care Guidelines for Your Amish Handmade Dining Table

Your wood dining tables require more attention than dusting every now and again. Since they are often a significant investment, taking the time to learn about care and maintenance makes financial sense. Whether you use your dining table every day or only on special occasions, it needs preventative and ongoing care.

For every day cleaning, wipe your table using a soft, damp cloth moistened with a gentle diluted soap, like our Tough and Tender All-Purpose Cleaner, or warm dish water. Follow the grain of the wood, and gently scrub dried foods. Most importantly, dry your table using a different clean, soft cloth; we recommend microfiber cloths. Rubbing a dry cloth over a dusty, solid wood table can cause surface scratches.

For a deep clean, only a few times a year, you can protect your table with a silicone-free furniture polish. We recommend Plush Furniture Polish and Restorer or Oz cream polish. You can read more about how to use polishes, or purchase our suggested method of care with our Professional Heirloom Cleaning Kit.

Heat can cause irreversible damage, so be proactive and protect your table. Hot pads, table runners, drink coasters and place mats deliver additional protection for your wood tabletop. Our strong catalyzed finish and your gentle yet consistent cleaning will be able to protect your table from a lifetime of spills and give you a lifetime of memories.

For more information on Amish furniture care, read 10 Tips for Solid Wood Furniture Care, or How Should I Clean My Solid Wood Furniture?