Recycled Plastic in our Products

By Heidy Perales · July 5, 2019

Recycled Plastic in our Products

Reusing recycled plastic and reclaimed wood for our items.

The issue with landfill waste has existed for decades, but it is not until recently that it is beginning to get more attention with the help of social media. People are investing in reusable straws instead of using plastic straws, reusable sandwich bags or containers are being encouraged rather than throwing out a ziplock bag every time, investing in a good reusable water bottle instead of throwing out many plastic bottles. These are just a few baby steps, but there are other ways to help reduce landfill waste!

The reality is that so many items that we throw away could actually be put to great use again. Next time you are cleaning through your cabinets, closets, rooms, think about the items you get rid of. Perhaps you may have a friend who is a “fixer-upper”, try painting the item to make it into something new, take it apart and build it into whatever your creativity leads you to. If there are clothes, give them to someone who may like them or donate them to your local thrift store. There are many ways to find out how to manage items that you no longer want instead of just throwing them out. Do a little bit of research and use some creativity and in the end you will feel great for going that extra step! 

Here at Countryside Amish, we are so proud to be helping the earth by decreasing landfill waste with our reclaimed wood and our recycled plastic sets. What could make you feel better than knowing you’re investing in an American made, quality made, eco-friendly recycled outdoor set? Featured in our blog is the Sidra Outdoor Collection, where you have many other items to choose from besides those featured in the picture. This collection is comfortable, durable, and fade resistant. I would say it’s a triple win!  Keep scrolling for more of our popular recycled plastic sets!

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