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Petite Amish Made Dining Chairs

Petite Amish Made Dining Chairs

Kitchen and Dining Chairs for Small Spaces

For those seeking dining and kitchen chairs for small spaces we have compiled a list. Our standard dining chairs are 39"-42"H, but these are all smaller than that and divided by style or structure for your convenience. Floor to seat measurements on these side and arm chairs will be between 17 1/2"H and 19"H like all our solid wood, Amish made chairs.

French Country Chairs

Jolie is demure at 37"H. 

38 1/2"H, and the Louvre Chairs make the list.

Luxurious Lugosi is also 38 1/2" in stature.

Rustic and Live Edge Chairs

San Pedro is made from reclaimed barrels and stands 34"H.

36"H, our Arapaho Pass chair is Modern.

Our Copote Side Chair is 36" in stature. 

Traditional Dining Chairs

Denmark's side chair is 33 1/2"H and arm chair is 26"H.

A thumb back chair, Tully is 37 1/2"H.

The Lodi Spindle Back Chairs are 36" tall. 

Medfield is miniature at 33 1/2"H.

Fisher is fabulous at 38"H.

Wakefield is 37"H with finials and a sheaf back.

Our Apple Creek has an archback and stands 36 3/4"H.

Upholstered Chairs

The Athenian comes in two versions: with an upholstered seat and back or just seat, and both are 34"H. 

Menlo is mini and mighty at 37" tall. 

Modern and fully upholstered 37" of Reston Trail is regal.

Camillus is clever at 37 1/2"H.

Shaker and Modern, Bosworth is a bold 35"H.

37 1/4" of hardwood and upholstery make the Mendon.

Anjous is 38 amazing inches tall.

37 1/2"H is all Lehigh needs to stand tall on style.

Vasari is a vision at 33" tall.

Mission Style Chairs

San Paulo boasts a 38 1/2" height.

Strong stretchers adorn San Ramon at 38 1/2" tall. 

Mission, Modern, and Upholstered are all part of Henredon at 38 1/2"H.

Modern with a scooped seat and steam bent back, Katy Trail is 35 1/2"H.

The Rosales needs only 35 1/2" to maximize Mission style. 

38"H stands the cozy Crawford.

Press Back Chairs

Woodbridge just works at 37"H.

38 1/2"H grants Griffin access to the list.

The lovely Larkin features an Acorn pattern at 37 1/2"H.

Modern Dining Chairs

38" in stature, our Coccotti Chair dominates.

Pompeii is a perfect 36"H.

Revel in Rosetto's 38" of solid wood. 

36" is all Axel needs to be amazing.

Cambria cuts it close at 38 1/2".

Leaning a little Shaker, Kosta is a thrilling 34 1/2"H.

Rising only 38 1/4"H, Whitehall is welcome.

Bellagio beats the cut of at 38 1/2"H.

Daring on an aluminum spine, Dacosta is 38 1/2" tall. 

Our Cliveden has a fan back detail at 38"H.

Waterbury features an undulating back at 36" tall. 

With a rectangle cut out, Caliari is a Contemporary 36" in height.

The Plaza is perfect at 38"H.

Be captivated by 37 1/2" of our Claudio

Shaker Style Chairs

Our Conran Kitchen Chairs are Contemporary too at 38" tall.

Kauri Cliffs is Modern Shaker at its finest at 38"H.

The lovely 36" of Lola is luxurious. 

Willis wanders into a Modern space at 38 1/4"H.

For a Traditional Shaker look, Wrangell reigns supreme at 38"H.

Ladder Back Chairs

Baldacci stands a beautiful 36" tall. 

Modern in style, Stilnovo stuns at 35"H.

Part Shaker and almost French Country, Alvy is Transitional at 37 3/4"H. 

Kenai's curving rungs make it a Modern 36" high.

Two rungs and 36" in height allow Dietrich to dominate.

Bamberg is a Mission or Craftsman take on the ladder at 38"H.

37 1/2" of Modern Shaker style are showcased in Lewisburg.

Unique rungs and flared feet make our 36" tall Barton Glen.

Folding Chairs

Tiny, but versatile, Kovak is 32"H and easy to store.

Winthrop is 33"H and formal enough for anything.

Simple Sophia is an easy 32 1/2"H.

Bow Back Chairs

Our Mansour Windsor Chairs are a mere 38"H.

Featuring a sheaf back, Smithe is 38 1/2" tall. 

Loire is a low spindle back chair and stands 37 1/4"H.

Bent dowels bring Andover home at 38 1/2" tall. 

Our Taunton Low Back Spindle Chairs are perfect for kitchen at 36 1/2"H.

A low arrow back puts Springfield on the list at 36 1/2"H.

Also 36 1/2" tall, St. Mary's is a low back feather chair.

Lynn has a low, bent paddle back at 36 1/2"H.

The bent feather back of our 36 1/2"H Dover is comfortable.

Craftsman Style Chairs

Our Watkins Glen Chair is only 38"H.