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Glowing report on solid wood Harvest table

Glowing report on solid wood Harvest table


I just wanted to write a glowing report about the dining table we ordered. It arrived in pristine shape right on time today. he design and craftsmanship is first rate and I have an eye for this from my background in furniture making and guitar building. Your quality is top notch and your furniture fit right into the dining room tonight and the family gave me many compliments and I am so full up with them that I had to send some to you. Fine job and the product you provide is better than I could have hoped.

We are in the process of adopting 3 siblings into our home and needed more room at the ever important dining table. The new table replaces our old Amish pedestal table which was put downstairs in the classroom. We have been making do with the old table and a card table pulled up beside and there was a dis-jointed feel to our dinners as a result, now we have the nice new table and we can all feel at home as it should be.

Thanks and God Bless You and Your team,

M. Woodbury
Westminister, CO